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Models Direct: Beauty Myths Revealed

Press Release: January 11, 2010

Many of us like to make the most of our looks, and from the tiniest spot to the smallest wrinkle we seem to be inundated with opinions about what will solve our beauty dilemmas, but how do we know what to try and what to steer clear of?

Models Direct would like to help clear up a few popular beauty myths to try to make things just a little bit simpler.

Chocolate gives you spots

Great news, chocolate in moderation should not give you spots! In fact, good quality, preferably organic, chocolate actually contains some beneficial ingredients, such as health boosting flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants help to protect the body from free radicals, which have a negative effect on our health and in turn, our skin. Chocolate also stimulates endorphin production, giving it that feel-good factor.
The best way to enjoy the benefits of chocolate is to stick to a small amount of the dark variety, as too many sugary or highly processed foods are bad for you, and for your skin. If you are a secret chocoholic try to limit your intake to a maximum of one small bar of organic dark chocolate a day and enjoy it as part of a balanced diet. Stay active to burn off any extra calories and you can eat it guilt free!

Plucking grey hairs leads to more grey hairs

This is simply untrue.
Some of us develop grey hairs earlier than others as a result of our genes, which are responsible for many of our attributes (skin-type included). There are many natural looking dyes available over the counter for those who wish to cover grey hairs, but we would recommend a visit to the hairdresser if you are concerned. They may even have some great ideas on how to flatter your face-shape and colouring with a new you hairstyle.

Putting toothpaste on spots helps them go down

Well maybe, there are ingredients in toothpaste that may help to dry out spots however, toothpaste is not designed for use on the skin and could just as easily irritate it. Use a spot cream for this purpose or try a clay-based product to draw out impurities.

You get what you pay for

Not necessarily! Unfortunately you cant always believe what a manufacturer claims regarding their products magical effects.
There are also a host of chemicals in many products that are simply there to make them smell or look more appealing and have no other benefit. Some products could be cut out all together in favour of a more natural alternative. For example you could substitute sea salt/sugar mixed with olive oil for an expensive body exfoliant, or simply buy a scrubby sponge and use it with your favourite shower gel.

Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker

While shaving may appear to encourage thicker hair growth it actually does not. The reason your hair seems thicker after shaving is that the cut edge is far more noticeable to the touch than the softer edge you get when a hair has been plucked and grows back through.

Darker skin tones do not require a sunblock

Dont be fooled! While darker skins are less likely to burn they are still vulnerable to UV rays, which penetrate the skin. The International Dermal Institute recommends a minimum of SPF15 for all skin types. If you find SPF products too heavy on your skin, try using mineral make-ups.

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