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Press Release: January 14, 2010

Modelling Advice websites trying to pass themselves off as independent to sell you overpriced services and products.

After a recent look into many modelling websites offering advice; it has come to our attention that there is a new wave of scams. It seems as though the scam artists are creating independent and unprejudiced advice websites.

A large amount of research has allowed us to conclude that many websites offering advice for free are also running their own photography, printing, portfolio or training school businesses; they are therefore suggesting these companies clearly being biased and charging ridiculous rates.

One of these free advice websites we have looked into offer assessment days; for a £50 deposit these day includes a free shoot. However, after the shoot a packages ranging from £700- £1500 were offered; to conclude without purchasing a package, the free shots were not received. These companies also use quite strong sales tactics to ensure you buy some of their photos.

Also, it seems as though these companies are also offering credit; after researching many of these companies are not licensed under the consumer credit licensing act; therefore it is illegal for them to do so. To check, please call 08454 04 05 06 and reach Consumer Direct.

These companies are clearly taking advantage of those of you which are new to the industry, a few hints to help you along your way:

A website offering advice to models should be impartial; make sure that you trust the company, better still see that they are offering a wide variety of different photographers and agencies as proof that they are not biased. (Our website is full of help, advice and warnings as well as many others.). A Tell tale sign of a model advice scam, is a website advertising related services as part of their advice!

Advice should be free, if it isnt certainly do not pay; keep researching advice for models until you come across free this should be plentiful.

Many of these model advice websites are offering a photography service, this is clearly not legit and would be something we would advise you not to accept. As a beginner model the best idea is to work with a new photographer on TFCD/TFP and gain experience working with photographers (the good, bad and ugly).

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