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Modaris Launches Virtual Classroom To Help Students With Their Studies During Coronavirus Crisis

Press Release: March 15, 2020

Modaris has introduced ‘Modaris Whiteboard,’ a virtual classroom for students and tutors amid the spread of the COVID-19 infection in countries affected by the virus, like Qatar and Malaysia, but available for all the countries Modaris operates in.

“The feature is free. We’ve launched as an emergency solution for our tutors and students so we can limit the spread of the virus, and keep the learning process going seamlessly.” stated Haitham, CEO and cofounder of Modaris. 

The tutors will be able to conduct unlimited high-quality classes through its dedicated virtual classroom, supported by learncube, to communicate and tutor their students effectively.
Students who are logged-in remotely can view the screens of their tutors on the digital whiteboard as well as communicate through video and voice. The tutors can additionally upload study materials, PDFs, audio files, and links through the platform. 

Established in September 2015 by Yasmin Kassem and Haitham Al Haidari, Modaris is

an EdTech platform that connects students to tutors for one-on-one tutoring sessions in

Qatar. Since then, Modaris has been home to over 9000+ tutors, supporting thousands

of students in 4 countries (Qatar, Australia, Turkey, and Malaysia) over 30+ study

topics. Data being the fuel, allows the firm to clearly understand the problems students

face and build new tools to empower both tutors and students. Moreover, tutors have

access to data that can help them find students efficiently. They can find the demand for

each of their subjects in their area, and at what price students are booking

their tutors, which clearly no other firm provides.

The virtual classroom will be made available to all the tutors and students from 10th of March 2020 in all four countries, free to use for tutors and students.
Modaris is committed to supporting the student network worldwide during this challenging time and looks forward to providing smooth and reliable access throughout the period.

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