Press Release: March 18, 2010

A new study of 1,054 mobile phone owners commissioned by leading mobile comparison website www.rightmobilephone.co.uk has shown peoples attitudes towards technology and how things are changing thanks to more technologically advanced mobile handsets.

Previous research from the site found that over half of mobile phone owners use their handset as an alarm clock, but further research suggests its more than just alarm clocks that could be under threat.

68% of the respondents owned an MP3 player of some description, but of those, over half said they now used their mobile phone more for personal audio, suggesting that MP3 players are becoming less popular.

42% of the respondents did not own a digital camera and when rightmobilephone.co.uk asked them why, 79% said it was down to the fact they could use the camera on their mobile to take pictures. 2 in 3 said that the minimum standard of integrated camera they look for would be 5 megapixels or more.

91% of the people asked said they didnt own a traditional calculator, with 4 in 5 of those explaining it was because they used the calculator on their phone if ever they needed to do sums.

Rightmobilephone.co.uk also questioned the respondents about their use of landline phones and found that whilst 64% of the people who took part in the study had a landline, 92% said they were more likely to use their mobile to make calls. 1 in 5, 21%, of the respondents said that they only had a landline because it came with their entertainment bundle.

Only 13% of the respondents told rightmobilephone.co.uk that they owned a calendar, but over two thirds, 67%, said they used their mobile handset to log important dates and appointments. 11% said they thought they used their phone to go online more than they did their PC or laptop. 2 in 5 use their phone regularly to access social media sites like Facebook.

Finally, 1 in 4 people said they regularly used a map application on their mobile, such as Google maps, to navigate or find their way, but Sat Navs seem secure as 81% said they would prefer to use a proper device when travelling. 55% of the people asked said they would much prefer to have one device to do everything, rather than separate gadgets for different purposed.

Neil McHugh, co-founder of rightmobilephone.co.uk, said;

When we carried out a study last year to see if the mobile was replacing the alarm clock, we did speculate that handsets would also threaten other stand alone devices and its now clear from this study that people are starting to use their phones more and more in replacement for cameras, calendars, calculators and even their landline.

It is always interesting to watch how trends persist in technology and Im sure that as phones develop even further, other devices will fall in popularity with consumers. The fact that more than half prefer the idea of having one device to do everything says it all.

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