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Mobile Phones Google Set to Unveil Plans for New Smartphone

Press Release: January 05, 2010

It has been in the pipeline for a number of months but Google finally appears to be making noises regarding the production of its very own smartphone. There appears to be significant potential for a Google-produced smartphone, with the ability to realistically rival the much vaunted Apple iPhone.

With its very own mobile phone and mobile phone accessories, Google appears keen to strengthen its grip on the internet and how consumers surf and access their information. Google is expected to unveil the Nexus One on Tuesday, the first smartphone designed by the companys own engineers.

The ambition and vision of Google will excite and enhance the wireless market. Google insists consumers have only seen the beginning of what is possible in the global wireless market citing the release of its very own Android operating system for use in smartphones towards the end of 2007.

The basic premise of the Android operating system was to make smartphones interact smoothly with websites and applications. Its open-source software has made it possible for designers to produce hundreds of useful apps to aid consumers everyday usage. Mobile phone accessories such as Bluetooth products and data cables have enabled users to use their smartphones as a go-between with a PC or laptop.

While Google has, in the past, enabled mobile phone carriers to use the Android operating system on a variety of their mobile phones, Google is now ready to take its very own software in a new direction. The Nexus One is rumoured to be developed without attachment to a sole mobile phone carrier, allowing consumers to connect their Google smartphone with the carrier of their choice.

This exciting development could open up the mobile phone market to a wholly refreshing portfolio of smartphones and mobile web products.

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