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Mobile Phones - Colaphone Dazzles Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Press Release: January 18, 2010

The concept has dazzled mobile phone manufacturers as it is much more than a pie-in-the-sky addition to the mobile phones market.

Miss Zheng explained her research and said: I found that a phone battery as a power source is expensive.

It consumes valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and is harmful to the environment.

The premise behind the Colaphone was to use a bio battery that would use enzymes as the catalyst to generate electricity from various carbohydrates. The 23-year-old student suggested that a bio battery had the potential to last up to four times longer on a single charge than one with a traditional lithium-ion battery.

To charge their Colaphone users would simply have to unscrew the top of their handset, pour in the sugary soft drinks and allow the chemical process to take effect.

Miss Zheng added: This phone battery could be fully biodegradable.
Meanwhile, it brings a whole new perception to batteries and afternoon tea.

Miss Zheng believes that the Colaphone has the potential and technology to hit the shelves and the global mobile phones industry within the next five years.

Mobile analysts and experts appear to agree that the potential for a Colaphone is a very real possibility.

A commentator on mobile website 3G said: The concept is certainty interesting and would be very useful if you were abroad as you wouldnt need to remember your charger and power adapter.

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