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Mobile Phones Android Set to Claim Runner-up Position by 2013

Press Release: January 26, 2010

With just 689,000 Android units sold in 2008, it appears to be quite a steep increase in popularity for Android software an annual growth rate of 150.4% to be exact!

This ever-increasing demand is music to the ears of the likes of Google and HTC who have taken on the Android operating system in recent months for some of the most successful smartphones most notably the HTC Hero, HTC Magic and the upcoming Nexus One.

IDC believes that Symbian will retain its leadership position worldwide throughout the forecast period due primarily to the strength of Nokia in markets outside of the United States, Symbian continues to lead all other mobile operating systems.

Androids competitors, the likes of BlackBerry, webOS and Apple are predicted to struggle to overhaul the demand for Android-powered smartphones. BlackBerry appears to take a beating in the forecast, with the Apple iPhone and now Android smartphones taking the lead due to a greater number of apps and choice of handsets.

Curiously the much-talked-about impact of Windows Mobile OS has been virtually non-existent in recent months, with IDC not even mentioning the operating system in their forecast and analysis.

Clearly the flexibility and connectivity of Android smartphones continues to become a deciding factor for UK mobile phones
consumers. With a great open source selection of applications and mobile phone accessories, it is little wonder why Android appears to be making waves.

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