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Mobile phone deals are set to become cheaper in the wake of current decision

Press Release: April 06, 2010

As the decision rolls out, the prices are bound to cut by two-thirds as the industry watchdog Ofcom has ordered operators to substantially cut down the amount they charge to connect calls.The key agency, which is known for regulating the phones in the UK has come up with a decision according to which the mobile phone prices are bound to cut down.

The decision is dramatic as it is bound to force the current operators to cut so-called mobile termination rates. According to the current decision, the cut has been designed from 4.3p per minute to 0.5p by 2014.The biggest losers are BT and 3, in the wake of the current decision. It has been decided by them to immediately pass on the savings to their esteemed consumers.

This is what John Petter, managing director of BT's consumer division has to say, "BT will make sure its customers see the benefit with cheaper calls to mobiles, including fixed price all-you-can-eat packages that take the worry out of calling mobile phones."

The current decision will cast its impact on the mobile phone deals even. On the other hand, Kevin Russell, chief executive of 3 UK, said, "The cost of fixed-line calls to mobiles has always been dramatically overstated and we expect it to fall by up to two-thirds. Mobile calls will also fall dramatically."

In fact, the current proposals have been initiated by the pressure from the European Commission, which is set to call for a reduction in the charges across the continent. It is the Ofcom, which had previously ignored the European Commission's call to reduce the charges.

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