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Mobile Phone Accessories - Digital Radio Listening on Mobile Phones Increases

Press Release: February 05, 2010

Overall radio listening was on the increase in the final quarter of 2009, with 46 million listening to the radio a 500,000 improvement on the previous year during the same period. According to the report by RAJAR, 14 percent of these listeners were doing so via a digital medium, be it through DAB radio, the Internet and mobile phones.

It would appear that the days of the transistor radio are now crucially numbered due to the easy accessibility and flexibility of listening on a mobile phone or smartphone handset. The latest headphone mobile phone accessories are increasingly comfortable and provide a clear digital sound. Bluetooth headsets are easy to use to listen to digital radio from your mobile while on the move. Many are compatible with a host of mobile makes; in fact some Bluetooth headsets will work with any Bluetooth-enabled handset.

The report from RAJAR revealed strong growth with mobile phone users aged 15 and over using digital radio on their handsets. Meanwhile there was a 13 percent increase in digital radio usage from over 25s on their mobiles.

The development and enhancement of smartphone applications allows users to listen to digital radio and streamed music of their chosen genre on their way to work and even at their desk. The growth of mobile phone accessories will aid the development of digital radio.

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