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Mobile Applications are the future!

Press Release: April 20, 2010

Every week a staggering 71 million Europeans browse the internet from their mobile phones (EIAA study); in fact, internet browsing has become more popular than reading a paper!

This figure isnt so surprising when it has been predicted that sales of Smartphones will out do sales of computers in 2011(RBC Capital Market estimate).

Users want a device that is portable, calls, texts, edits documents and gives them internet access with no need to boot up.

Another craving for the phone-savvy is mobile applications, they make Smartphones that extra bit special and open up a whole world of entertainment, productivity and a great deal more.

Gartner estimates that over $62 billion will be spent on mobile applications this year, astonishing considering that 80% of all downloads will be free.

Apple has the biggest marketplace for apps at the moment with over 100,000 for the iPhone and iPod Touch (and soon to be released in the UK iPad). Although others are catching up; BlackBerry has around 4,000 and Android has about 20,000.

With so many apps, choosing one can be a matter of life and death. When, after Haitis earthquake, relief worker Dan Woolley found himself trapped in the rubble, he used the first-aid app and fashioned a tourniquet that saved his life.

This is an extreme example of how an app can be beneficial, but ask the average iPhone user if they could live without their apps and they will have an intense reaction. In fact, if they had to hand over their phone and their wallet, the majority would want their phone back first!

With companies now considering their mobile strategy, and individuals expectations raising, it is important to keep ahead of the game.

Creative Jar and its App making division CJT, are responding to this big shift to mobile, working with a range of clients to rethink their digital strategy and explore this ever growing opportunity - including some very exiting projects coming to an iPad near you soon.
Who would be without the Churchill Dog answering your lifes questions - or the impressive app which can control your home; from lighting to setting the video?

Paul Jackman, CJT Director, believes that our applications are designed to make life easier for the user; with so many apps to choose from we want to offer apps that can help in day-to-day life and work to get users from behind desks and collaborating in new ways

Jackman continued; Apps have such a fast turnaround time, an application can be developed and marketed to a global community within a month. This new platform has opened up a huge creative and technological potential and is changing the way we think about how to get things done across the web. Plus its fun too!

The iPad has recently gone on sale, and it is only a matter of time before the demand boosts applications growth in the market place.

There will no doubt be fierce competition among developers to grow their apps and to ensure they run on different handsets and platforms.

Creative Jar and CJT are looking forward to be ahead of that competition, and continues to work with its developers producing new work.

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