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Press Release: November 23, 2020

Brill Mindz is a leading mobile app development company in India with huge experience in developing cutting-edge mobile apps. We have a team of talented app engineers who develop secure, feature-filled, and smooth performing custom mobile apps. Our process includes a fine blend of advanced technologies and the best development approaches to serve your requirements. Our timely delivery, transparency and valued practices have made us the ideal partner for all kinds of mobile app development services. As a result, we have been rated as a reliable mobile app development company in India by our esteemed clients. This is due to our proven proficiency in assisting them to reach higher brand visibility and profitability.


Our commitment makes sure that our clients will constantly meet exceptional results regardless of being a start-up or enterprise venture. We know the value of our client’s time and dedication; hence we offer top service experience in both pre- and post-release. With this intention, we deliver outstanding service across diverse platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Gaming apps. As a result, we are top among the best mobile app development service companies in India.


How to choose the best mobile app development company

With the modern advancements in technology, mobile app development is on a constant rise in the global market. Due to this growth, business owners need to implement the trends in their approach to stay ahead in the industry. Brill Mindz will support in employing all the modern technologies and reach the target customers effectively. Consequently, it will be a long-term association with the clients as they will observe a steep enhancement in brand value. We ensure to achieve maximum ROI and high conversions for our client products withing planned timeframes. Our proven agile methodologies and outcomes have made us the best bet for all mobile app development solutions in India.

Client-oriented methodologies: We believe in keeping our clients informed at all levels of the development process.

Optimal Quality: Apps that we developed have proven results of optimal performance and reach.

A crew with 9+ Years’ Experience: Our skilful app engineers and smart marketing experts have complete knowledge of the latest developments in the market.

Constant backing: We always stay on top of the app operations in the market and ensure to execute all administrative tasks efficiently.

Brill Mindz is well-versed in all modern technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, IoT (Internet of Things), etc. Indeed, our state-of-the-art technologies and holistic approaches have made us a leading mobile app development company in India.


Android App Development

Android is a highly used mobile platform with the highest reach across the globe. Due to this, Android app development has become a key factor in the success of all types of business. Robust and well-designed Android apps hold a high possibility to lift your business to the top level. With the skill and experience of using cutting-edge technologies, we ensure to make your product stand out in the competition. We are proficient in tools like GitHub, Android Studio, Jenkins, etc, and languages like Kotlin, Java, etc.

Following best in class architecture and methodologies have contributed to our trusted name as an Android app development country in India. Contact us to build game-changing apps that will aid you to stay ahead in the industry.


iOS App Development

The iOS apps have a unique customer base due to its unique design, operations, and usability together with the appeal of the devices. A clear integration of software with the iPhones has the potential to grab a large customer base across the globe. Our certified concepts and workflows aids in developing scalable and appealing apps that perform seamlessly across multiple devices.

Our proven results across range across a wide range of industries such as food, travel, automobile, hospitality, automobiles, marketing, etc. As a result, we are listing us among the top iOS app development companies in India in recent times.


Windows App Development

At Brill Mindz, we have a robust development team that is extremely experienced in Windows app development across multiple niches. We believe in a proven agile development process that involves cutting-edge technologies targeted to transform your business process. We are the top-rated among the windows app development companies in India due to our transparent approach with our esteemed clients.

Our cost-effective integration of modern windows technologies ensures maximum scalability and profitability in the long run. With this intention, our windows engineers take the business to higher levels and make your stand out in the race.


Game App Development

Mobile games are widely popular across all parts of the globe and are one of the profitable sectors in the industry. Brill Mindz has the proficiency to develop diverse solutions according to specific designs and core gaming ideas. We will be guiding you through every process right from planning to release and even at the maintenance phase. Our multi-talented mobile app developers adapt to any new complexities that have helped us in delivering exciting games.

We have all the knowledge in building games all types of games across multiple genres. Our proficiency ranges across action, trivia, puzzle, educational, graphical, adventure, table, board games, etc. Brillmindz has developed games across Android and iOS platforms by using Cocos2D, Unity, Cocos-JS, Maya, Max, Play Canvas, Photoshop, etc. Owing to this, we are amongst the leading game app development countries in India for Mobile AR and VR platforms.


Website Development:

A responsive and well-planned website forms the backbone of brand visualization without any issues. Being one of the best website development companies in India, we ensure to provide timely service to our customers. As a result, it will help them to build successful strategies for their ventures through creative approaches. Owing to the 9 years of experience we have been termed as one of the top web development companies in India. 

Our talented team is committed to finding innovative solutions to all complex challenges. We offer stimulating and cutting-edge web designs that create maximum ROI and usability. We do not just focus on creating modern designs but also develop them focussing on SEO.

We will be on top of the search engine statistics to move ahead in the step of your target goals. We analyse the business targets and included strategies to provide optimal digital marketing techniques, PPC advertising, etc for successful results. In addition to offering transparent service at all levels of development, we are well-versed in the below areas of website development.


PHP Development

ASP.Net Development

Ruby on Rails Development

Node JS Development

Angular JS Development

UX and UI Development

Website and mobile app Development


Why choose mobile app development company Brill Mindz Technologies

Brill Mindz has been positioned at the top of leading mobile app development companies in India due to our prompt delivery and innovative work practices. We include top-quality enterprise mobility solutions that aid in offering the best mobile app development services in India. We are a comprehensive mobile app development services firm emphasizing on providing state-of-the-art design with optimum functional capabilities. Our talented group of engineers builds creative mobile apps and innovative web solutions that surprise you with their splendid performance. 

The success in these practices is highly dependent on the comprehensive research of customer behaviour, likes, business requirements, and purposes. This has guided us to build customized and robust applications with the help of technological innovations in a particular niche. Furthermore, we always follow a process that perfectly blends the different factors of the mobile app development process. They solve intermittent connectivity issues and enhance user experience with constant app support. Our customized strategies properly measure every penny of mobile development cost. As a result, you will know the accurate amounts to reach and retain the target users. We design customer-friendly mobile apps that leave a strong note on the audience by providing robust brand visibility. All these unique experiences make us the best choice for a mobile app development company in India.


How to choose the best mobile app development company:

Choosing an ideal mobile app development company is a tricky job. Analyse many aspects like experience, costs, reliability, and previous works while you finally select a mobile app development company. Brill Mindz provides state-of-the-art service to both start-ups and enterprise companies across all industries. We streamline the digital journey and aid in enhancing team confidence, customer visibility, and increasing customer experience. Due to these practices, we have many proven apps across a wide range of industries and multiple platforms. These outcomes have made us a persistent leader among leading mobile and web development companies in India. Our innovative and impactful benefits for our customers include:


On-time delivery

Continuous interaction across all stages

Customer-oriented practices

Transparent methodologies

Optimal customer engagement

User-friendly design

Advanced technologies

Skilled Engineers and marketing experts

The reliable and proven testing approach

Constant support after deployment.


Brillmindz ensures to monitor the progress of your product in the market to support its constant growth in the industry. We know the right technologies/features to be included in specific products for them to be popular with the target customers. Brillmindz is a reliable mobile app development company in India that offers all the processes to be successful. We are committed to our customers in making them lead the competition in the digital journey.

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