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mmCHANNEL launches build your own digital content shop

Press Release: January 28, 2010

mmCHANNEL (www.mmchannel.com), experts in mobile marketing and digital content has launched a new b2b API Service.

Damien Saunders, Director of Sales & Marketing said, Using the b2b API means its possible for any digital agency or brand to launch their own digital download store as part of any marketing campaign.

Using our APIs you can build a digital shop into your existing mobile portal or website which means youre in control of the design and user experience. Your Customers & End users can choose to get your content pushed to their phone via SMS or saved to their PC.

For many businesses and digital agencies creating a mobile or PC content shop as part of a marketing campaign is now in their reach and this fits in any mobile, web or social media campaign.

The b2b API service removes many traditional headaches such as delivery management, tracking and reporting content sales or managing digital rights.

Benefits to Digital Agencies, Consumer Brands or Operators
Cost effective solution for just about any agency or FMCG brand to build a digital content shop.
Variable agreement to support 3, 6 or 12 month campaigns
Usage of the b2b API means you own the design and user experience
Easily integrates with social media services for sending updates about featured content or recommendations.

The service features include:
Content Management Using mmCHANNELs own content agreements or your own content agreements we will manage the content catalogue and updates to the content on a weekly basis for the duration of the campaign.
Content Delivery mmCHANNEL will integrate with your existing SMS marketing tools or you can use our own.
Usage Metrics mmCHANNEL provides a business statistics console to check real-time service usage.
Payment Collection mmCHANNEL can manage payment collection if you want to sell content using Premium SMS, Paypal or Google Checkout.

The end user consumer functions that are accessible using the b2b API are content browsing, searching, content delivery and handset recognition.

visit our special website http://www.mmchannel.com/products-services/b2b-api or bit.ly/b2b_API

Notes to editors

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