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Ministers advised to act now to remove obstacles to use of hydrogen as a low carbon fuel

Press Release: March 11, 2021

The Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) has publicly launched ‘Flow Measurement Requirements for Low Carbon Fuels (Hydrogen)’, the final report of a study conducted by PA Consulting. The report definitively shows that accurate and repeatable flow measurement standards do not exist for a range of low carbon fuels.  Its principal recommendation is that the UK Government needs to provide physical primary standards for hydrogen for the UK, to ensure that a traceable and suitably accurate measurement chain exists.

The absence of Flow Measurement Standards can create difficulties in 
  • consumer protection legislation and enforcement
  • enabling domestic and international trade 
  • validating performance claims made by equipment manufacturers
  • safety
  • environmental protection.
 This is a major gap in capability which will ultimately hinder the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean fuel if not addressed.

“This report was initiated and specified by our Flow Measurement Special Interest Group, who sought evidence that flow measurement standards exist and are adequate to underpin use of low carbon fuel technologies”, said Martin Belshaw, President, InstMC.  “PA Consulting found that such measurement standards do not exist.  As a result, I have today written to a number of Government ministers, both in BEIS and the Cabinet Office, to alert them of the problem and to offer our technical support in developing remedies to the problem”.

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