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Mini-ShieldUSA Launches New and Innovative Line of Personal Protective Gear

Press Release: October 02, 2020

Atlanta, GA (Oct, 2nd 2020) – Mini-Shield USA announces the launch of its new line of Personal Protective Gear (PPG). Mini-ShieldUSA products are revolutionary in design and are made from a clear polycarbonate plastic material that allows the consumer’s entire face to be seen without concealment.  

Company founder and inventor Daniel de los Reyes is a world-renowned touring and recording musician. He is also a member of the Grammy award-winning country music group, Zac Brown Band. De los Reyes proudly launches this line of PPG in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated the entertainment and touring industries. De los Reyes initially had the idea to repurpose drum heads that were meant to be used during the 2020 Zac Brown Band tour into functional protective wear after identifying a need in the emergency services profession. What began as a gesture to support his community and first responders has transitioned into a very practical and personal piece of equipment that can be used by anyone wanting to reconnect with those around them while maintaining safe practices and decreasing the spread of COVID-19. De los Reyes states, “I am eager to get back to performing and entertaining people. It’s what I have trained all my life to do. This is my way of trying to make this happen as soon as possible. I believe in always moving forward, but moving forward with thoughtfulness for others and applying necessary precautions.” 

As an artist, de los Reyes understands the importance of being able to see facial expressions during his performances as well as in everyday life. Reyes stated, “I wanted to create protective gear that will allow facial expression to be seen while staying safe. So much of our daily lives consist of continued audible stimulation and visual communication.” He goes on to say, “I would like the love of my passion, music, to be seen and hopefully appreciated through my expressions, which come out during all of my performances.” 

The inaugural distribution of Mini-ShieldUSA was manufactured in Concord, NC with assistance from the Chip Ganassi NASCAR/IndyCar Racing Teams. During the initial product creation and design, de los Reyes sought the advice of team owner, Chip Ganassi. De los Reyes stated that he contacted Ganassi,  “because he is a friend and mentor, but also because Ganassi is always prioritizing safety.” When initially presenting the concept for Mini-ShieldUSA, Ganassi immediately stated, “How can I help?” 

The initial launch of Mini-ShieldUSA will offer the first socially friendly model called, “The Social.” “The Social” will come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large. In the near future, Mini-ShieldUSA will also produce several other models in varying styles that will offer different amounts of coverage. After announcing the launch of the company, Mini-ShieldUSA will donate shields to Fayetteville, GA Fire department, Emergency responders, and their families.

About Mini-ShieldUSA: 

Mini-ShieldUSA is a personal protection company founded in 2020 by the renowned musician, inventor, and philanthropist, Daniel de los Reyes.  De los Reyes is a member of the award-winning country music group the Zac Brown Band and founder of DayGlow, a young adult music education charity in Fayetteville, GA that provides music education at no cost and reinforces important life values.  Mini-ShieldUSA specializes in creating new and innovative personal protection equipment with one directive, “to move forward safely and without compromising our human expression.” Our mission is to produce lightweight, clear, and unobstructive products that help protect ourselves, and more importantly, others. To learn more about the product, please visit us at www.mini-shieldusa.com


805 Glenn St - Ste 127-250 

Fayetteville, GA 30214  

For more information about Mini-ShieldUSA, visit www.mini-shieldusa.com or @minishieldusa on all social media platforms

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