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Mina Alali Keeps Busy With "Something About Her"

Press Release: March 28, 2017

Mina Alali is a girl on a mission. She's only 19 but "Something About Her" is her 4th release in the last 12 months. While balancing a full credit college curriculum with appearances on network television and an upcoming summer tour, some would say her dance card is full. Mina not only says let the music play, but turn up the volume.

Besides her schoolwork she's spent her last few months juggling the jobs of writing, recording and touring Europe to promote her last album, "22 Cents Less". "Something About Her" is a collection of 11 tracks with some of her newest songs alongside some remixed and re-mastered versions of some Mina's personally handpicked older favorites, including a cover of the vintage Elvis Presley classic hit, "Can't Help Falling In Love".

Speaking of Elvis Presley, Mina Alali and Kick-A-Beat Records (the indie label that signed her), made some new friends over the past year. Those in the know when it comes to rock music history will tell you that Elvis was discovered by Memphis, TN, legend Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Studio and Sun Records. He would later go on to found Select-O-Hits Distribution which Phillips and his family built into one of the three largest independent record distribution companies in the United States. "So what's the connection?" I'm sure you're asking. Well, that's an excellent question and we're so glad you asked.

Select-O-Hits and Kick-A-Beat Records signed an exclusive record distribution contract together this year and you'll now be able to find and purchase copies of "Something About Her" at your favorite record stores. Pre-orders for the entire album and individual song is already available through iTunes and Amazon.com, and the CD will be on store shelves beginning April 21st, 2017. A North American radio and press campaign has just been launched to promote "Something About Her".

As of this time Mina Alali is available for interviews and/or appearances. Her press-kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media (just use the media contact information provided below). News, updates and additional information may also be found at: http://minaalali.com/epk/

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