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Millions More to in be in Line for PPI Payouts due to the New Ruling

Press Release: October 05, 2017

Northampton, England – 4th October, 2017

All the customers who have been mis-sold PPI have been advised to make a claim as soon as possible or simply lose out on the money they owe.
With the start of a 2 year countdown for making a claim compensation for PPI and because of the new ruling, it is likely that all claims-even the ones that were turned down-would be successful.
A major concern of the consumer organisations is that only few people are aware about the time bar and the time to make a successful claim for compensation is running out. However, the imposed deadline to make a claim would not only urge the ones who haven’t made a claim, but also those who were refused in the past.
As per the CEO of ppi.co.uk, “We have been warning customers who are potentially at risk of missing out on this opportunity because of lack of awareness about the time bar and limited knowledge regarding the Plevin rule.”
He further added, “Average successful claimants are likely to receive roughly around £1,200 through their mis-sold PPI policy. Recent figures show that approximately £27.4bn has been already paid out ever since January 2011.”
According the Plevin rule, a PPI victim can claim back the difference amount as well as the interest from their policy wherein the cost was made of over 50% commission and consumers weren’t informed about it. This would make thousands more eligible to make a claim for compensation.
Ppi.co.uk is a claims management company, which has been imparting its services from the past 10 years. It provides and specialises in acquiring compensation for its customers who have been mis-sold PPI.
Ppi.co.uk has till now recovered millions of pounds through PPI claims for the customers. It also offers the customers with a free PPI check service. To know more information about their services, visit http://www.ppi.co.uk/.

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