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Millionaire Dating App Luxy reports wider gender pay gap among higher income

Press Release: April 17, 2019

The gender pay gap is widening the higher an individual’s income. Data polled by Luxy revealed that among 100 men 14 have a monthly income higher than $100,000 while only 5 out of 100 women belong to that group. Overall, Luxy’s figures show that the gender pay gap is increasing greatly at salary levels above $25,000 monthly, while practically being not existent for Luxy users below $10,000.
The recent survey among 368 Luxy users shows an equal distribution of university degrees. 82% of all men obtained a Bachelor degree or higher, the women being even slightly smarter with 83%. The top five job roles among Luxy users are CEO, business owner, entrepreneur and founder. These positions are equally represented by women and men. While experts have been reporting a rise in unequal pay for years, previous educational training or the current job situation cannot be the reason why for women on Luxy.
The most interesting fact is that the pay gap is growing the more individuals come closer towards the annual income of one million dollars. When comparing these statistics, one can say while the difference in the $25k-$50k group is 4 percent points, it is already 9 percent points for salaries surpassing $100k. It will sound more shocking by taking a women’s perspective: 50% more men than women earn a salary between $25k and $50k while three times more men than women have an income higher than one hundred thousand dollars.
‘It was no secret to me that this country or perhaps the entire world has yet to overcome the problem of the gender pay gap’ adds Lena Lee, operations manager and women's affairs officer at Luxy. ‘But I never would have dreamed that so much more men than women are income millionaires.’
Luxy continues to offer the best and secure platform for successful women and men. Having matched already more than two million members, Luxy was able to perfect its matchmaking system and platform to serve the needs of its sophisticated members.

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Launched in 2014, Luxy is the world's leading dating service for upscale and entrepreneurial singles. Luxy continues to support popular features such as income verification to allow finding matches within the same economic brackets. With a focus on providing a high-class dating experience for successful individuals, users need to verify their profile pictures to prevent catfishing.
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