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Mikron Private Sale round Results published

Press Release: October 17, 2018

Mikron.cc has recently finished its private sale, and finally published the results of their funding round. "We are happy to say that we have reached both our soft and hard target with a capital injection of over $20m", says Justin Harth, the Mikron.cc Press Officer. "The funds are now being allocated to the relevant departments, as per the agreed parameters." This means that the budget will be adjusted according to percentage that each department stands to receive of the funding. Mr. Harth continues "Seeing as we reached our target for funding, each department will be receiving the amount that thye were scheduled to receive, and there are no unpleasant surprises. Every department continuing full steam ahead, with no significant obstacles or unforeseen issues."

In regards to the launch of the currency on crypto exchanges, there will be a 2-phase rollout: firstly they will launch on niche-exchanges, to get feedback from the community, the users and the exchanges, and early next year, Mikron plans to roll out the coin on the majr exchanges (Kraken, Coinbase, CEX.io).

For more information, you can direct questions to info@mikron.cc

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