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Mikron ICO Token Launch

Press Release: November 23, 2018

After a delay of about 6 weeks, Mikron finally took their token to the crypto-market. The first part of the rollout was on the Waves Exchange, where in December the company is expected to launch on Coinbase, the biggest platform in the world.

Jason Weisz, PR officer for Mikron, has the following to say about the delay "We are very happy that the project has come to fruition; investors are happy to see that their initial investment is maturing nicely, and aer lokoing forward to bigger gains. Most investors are not thinking about cashing out yet, as they can see that the price is still going up. In regards to the fact that we had a delay, there is not that much to say - launching a coin into the exchanges is a complex task, with many technical and legal challenges, and I cannot think of any significant ICO that has launched on the date they set out at the start of the process. We see it as part and parcel of the lifecycle of the project, and don't attach much value to it. We are too busy with the rollout of the new application, and with moving the project forward. In the next few weeks we have a few exciting items on the agenda", says Mr. Weisz. "Mostly the app is now in it´s beta testing phase on the networks of major banks in China and Brazil, as a test run for the rest of the world, and at the end of that phase, we will plan and announce the global launch of the app. Besides that, we will be going live on the Coinbase exchange next month, and on Kraken in January, which will position us firmly on 3 of the world's top 5 exchanges"

The price token price has hovered between $2.05 and $2.54 , and has been creeping up daily; News of the upcoming events mentioned by Mr. Weisz seems to have given the token price a boost and has set an upward trend on the exchange.

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