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Mighty Matcha Presents Different And Surprising Ways To Use Matcha Tea

Press Release: August 01, 2016

Mighty Matcha (https://www.mightymatcha.com/) proudly presents their collection of matcha green tea recipes and as yet another function discovery: a beauty product.

On their website, https://www.mightymatcha.com/, clients could find a wide range of informative articles featuring matcha as a food ingredient and even as part of a beauty regimen. Found in the Recipes section, these posts are beneficial for people who would like to make the most of the benefits of matcha tea or those who just want to find other ways to use it.

In the food category, there are recipes like Matcha Protein Waffles & Berry Chia Jam, Coconut Matcha Chia Breakfast Bowl, Matcha Donuts & Chocolate Pistachio Crunch Topping, Matcha, Coconut & Jam Thumbprint Cookies, and many others. All posts come complete with step by step instructions, photos, and a complete list of ingredients: including Might Matcha green tea, of course.

Furthermore, as more and more people recognise the many health benefits of this tea, Mighty Matcha brings this utilisation one notch higher via the Matcha Breakfast Facial Scrub. This facial scrub can be easily done as the ingredients can all be found in the kitchen. With regular use, it is said that it can help yield good and healthy skin. Just like the food recipes, a comprehensive instruction on how to concoct the Matcha Breakfast Facial Scrub is available at Mighty Matcha’s website.
Mighty Matcha’s green tea is available in single tin cans, triple packs, or single serving sticks. To try these recipes mentioned above, order one of Mighty Matcha’s authentic green tea at https://www.mightymatcha.com/.

About Mighty Matcha

For people looking for high-quality matcha green tea, Mighty Matcha is the go-to online shop. Their products are planted and nourished using traditional methods which makes it 100% natural. This company welcomes queries via phone number +44 (0)1702 861988 or via email at hello@mightymatcha.com. Their official website, https://www.mightymatcha.com/, provides all the information you need.

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