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Midnight silence of Sorrows 2/7

Press Release: June 07, 2020

Midnight silence of sorrows 2/7 is a novel by author Ritika Hemwani .That will take you towards journey of mysteries along with Detective Martin Smith. This story revolves around the henious act that happened on 2nd of July .On this date something happened that will raise your eyebrows , strike your mind, arise the thrill and indulge you with curiosities in exploration about WHAT HAPPENED ON 2/7 in the MIDNIGHT SILENCE that brought the SORROW !!!
Can Detective Martin Smith find the truth ???
Can you break the SILENCE of the MIDNIGHT???
Can you find the hint to solve this mystery???
If yes, then get on with me on this ride and lets start from the start i.e. the date 02/7 !!!
It's my novel going to be published and get available on Amazon.com by the end of June 2020 .

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