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micobo and Upvest have partnered together to store digital securities and offer issuance services to asset managers

Press Release: September 17, 2020

  • micobo has integrated the Upvest custody solution
  • Asset managers can now benefit from an easy to plug, end-to-end service for asset tokenization
  • Upvest custody solution enhances further micobo’s infrastructure


As regulations start to move towards a tokenized future, Asset Managers are currently at a disadvantage. With no direct retail investor relationships, and usually no technological know-how to build digital solutions, Asset Managers encounter barriers accessing systems and allowing investors to engage with their issuance of tokenized digital assets. 


Through this partnership between micobo and Upvest, combining an offering of an end-to-end solution with no technological requirements, a suitable tool to overcome these challenges is available to upgrade the business possibilities of financial players.


micobo is a highly specialized software development and financial infrastructure provider. Through Upvest’s partnership program, Micobo is now providing its digital securities’ issuance services to our customers. Bringing together a smooth user experience, frictionless integrations and secure transactions for the full lifecycle of securities.


Its fully customizable approach makes it a perfect alternative for clients that require special attributes set in the securities issuance process. Taking advantage of Upvest adaptability to work with any smart contract.


“When ecosystems around new technologies are built, it takes experts in different fields to get the job done for potential customers. In micobo we have found a partner that matches our product offering seamlessly. With micobo handling the tokenization and frontend part, while we bring our custody solution to the table, we are able to offer the full benefits of tokenization as a joint offering to the traditional financial world." Martin Kassing, CEO of Upvest


Our all-in-one package solution is easy to plug and play, and financial institutions can benefit from the infrastructure instantly. Thanks to this partnership enhancing digital investment, financial firms can offer to their retail investors a more comprehensive range of assets at a lower minimum investment.


Making use of the Upvest custody solution, micobo allows its clients to fully own their digital assets while integrating a crucial security feature to their platform. This is achieved because our solution operates in the background of the platform, continuously allowing micobo’s developers to set a personalized smart contract - suited to each client’s needs. Thanks to this enhancement, micobo can save time and resources and provide their customers with an intuitive process to safeguard their digital investments. 


“Upvest integration to our tokenization software, allows users to delegate the management of their digital asset’s wallets safely. For us, this strategic partnership elevates our infrastructure, supporting our aim of delivering digital excellence” Christian Labetzsch CEO of micobo

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