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Metatradex Expands Its Business and Opening to New Customers

Press Release: February 23, 2016

Metatradex is pleased to announce it is implementing a business expansion and opening its doors to new customers. As a financial broking company, Metatradex caters to clients in need of specialty services by gathering financial information for top-tier brokers. Because of the nature of their business, Metatradex seeks to constantly improve their services. They highly value their relationships with their clients, which leads into their latest business expansion. The company is now offering clients access to a private, company-run lottery, as well as the best possible rewards for their winnings.

Metatradex is wholly devoted to serving the needs of their clients. They fulfill this devotion by granting their clients’ every request, as well as by instituting their new lottery service on a monthly basis. The first lottery will be held on March 1. Only trading companies will be able to participate in this particular lottery service in exchange for using Metatradex’s services. Metatradex is, in essence, paying their clientele forward, granting them huge rewards for their loyalty on a consistent basis. This will serve as encouragement for new clients to join Metatradex’s client base because they will not only receive excellent service, but potentially be able to cash in on their loyalty.

Anyone interested in participating in Metatradex’s new service can contact them by calling +441515288944 or by visiting their website.

About Metatradex: Metatradex is a financing company that works with brokers to find the best trading information and share it with clients. Whether a client is new to trading or a seasoned professional, Metatradex seeks to cater to their specific needs. Metatradex prides themselves on customer loyalty and does whatever it can to fulfill the wishes of their client base.

Company: Metatradex
Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road
City: London
Country: England
Zip code: N1 7GU
Telephone number: +441515288944
Email address: metatradex@gmail.com

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