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Met Police use RedWeb trackers to catch and convict bike thieves

Press Release: February 17, 2010

On a recent operation to combat the theft of Vespa bikes, the Met used a RedWeb Tracker to catch a thief known to be stealing Vespas. The tracker was hidden on a Vespa in the area of South West London that the thief was operating, which was left on a side street. It was duly stolen and the police were able to track its movements, tracing it first to a well-known thiefs house, and then onto the address of a stolen goods handler. The house was raided, and 15 further stolen bikes were recovered. The police are working to return the Vespas to their rightful owners. A man in his 20s remains on police bail.

Damien Ash, Detective Sergeant of the Metropolitan Police, said: The accuracy of the Tracker was spot on it even showed the bike in the right place within the garden on the satellite image.

RedWeb Security works closely with the police (it works with 30 police forces in the UK) and commercial organisations who both require protection for high value assets and people. It supplies trackable assets for police covert operations - such as laptops, bike seats or sat-navs - as well as the hardware and software needed to track goods; and it provides forensic analysis capability (for the return of marked assets).

RedWeb created the worlds first forensic trace alarm and unique biosynthetic redDNA. Its products are accredited by Secured by Design, an initiative that ensures security equipment meets police standards.

For more information on this and other RedWeb Security operations, see www.redwebsecurity.com.

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About RedWeb Technologies
RedWeb Technologies develops security solutions that help deter crime and identify criminals. RedWeb works with the police, commercial organisations and security personnel to reduce crime.

RedWebs security solutions include:
Trackers - including the tracker device, deployment tools (for police work) and forensic analysis (for the return of marked assets)
redDNA a unique identifier solution which is used to mark criminals at the scene of the crime and the analysis tools needed to link the criminal to the crime scene

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