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Memory decline, address the hormones and neurotransmitters - Freedom Age

Press Release: June 19, 2019

Memory decline is a frequent complaint encountered in our set up.

Most commonly affected are men and women over 40.

Hormone balancing along with the balancing of various key neurotransmitters is crucial to living a balanced focused mindset with good sleep, abolishing anxiety issues.

Too much stimulation of the Adrenaline system (excitatory ) and too little GABA (Inhibitory ) neurotransmitters lead to anxiety disorder. Balancing these neurotransmitters is a crucial step in addressing the root cause of mental health disorders.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a calming neurotransmitter and is responsible for many important brain functions. Unfortunately, due to the kind of stressful lifestyle people living today, this neurotransmitter is mostly depleted and leads to anxiety disorders.

GABA is a common neurotransmitter that affects many aspects of health, especially emotional and physical stability. Like a parent turning off a light switch at sleep time, it regulates and restricts neuroelectric activity. Without GABA, electrical impulses could run out of control in the brain, resulting in seizures.

A primary function of GABA is to reduce anxiety. During pain, stress or extreme fear or even overthinking, certain groups of neurons can become hyperactive, and start firing too frequently. GABA helps soothing neurons to a lower state of stimulation and promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation. As GABA moves through the network of cells in your brain, it’s as if it is singing a lullaby to each neuron.

GABA is involved in maintaining the internal body clock that sets circadian rhythms.

Sleep improves the immune system, therefore helps with autoimmune disease.

Growth hormone is secreted during sleep and is essential for building and repairing the body, similarly cytokines, proteins that protect against inflammation. GABA facilitates all of these functions, through its facilitation of sound sleep.

GABA deficit leads to the feelings of stress and anxiety. Without GABA to inhibit its action, glutamate goes into overdrive, spurring too much electrical excitation in the brain. A person with low GABA levels may be irritable, or they might seem nervous and fidgety. They might speak quickly and may report difficulty thinking or concentrating.

However a word of caution here, it is very crucial to maintain a healthy balance between the excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters, intake of any without appropriate medical supervision can lead to serious side effects.

Dr. Kalpana Shekhawat M.D.

Functional Medicine Specialist

Founder & Director,

Freedom Age

Disclaimer: Author does not recommend the intake of any of the nutritional supplements without appropriate diagnostic tests and strict medical supervision.


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