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Memorable Bitcoin Transactions

Press Release: April 23, 2019

There are three hundred thousand transactions on BTC and BCH daily. In some cases, some transactions may become memorable. We can find these transactions in any blockchain browser and are available to everyone in public ledger.

According to miners, all Bitcoin exchanges are equivalent, as long as adequate charges are paid to them, regardless of who the sender or recipient is, or the amount of Bitcoin has been exchanged, it has no effect to them. Up until now, the Bitcoin has created in excess of 360 million transactions, of which just few which catched the limelight are depicted in detail in this article.

The first ever Bitcoin transactionThe very first bitcoin transaction occurred between two individuals on 12 January 2009. This was the only known transaction performed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto sent some bitcoins to a person named Hal Finney. The cost of this transaction was zero bitcoins.

French currency and Bitcoin transaction
A citizen of Finland, Martti Malmi was also known as Sirius who was a software developer, sold 5050 BTC for $5.02 to New Liberty Standard. The only way to receive bitcoins at that time was through the mining process. During those times, block reward was 50 bitcoins per block.

The first ever real-world bitcoin transaction
Software architect from Florida, Laszlo Hanecz is welkown for his historic bitcoin transaction. People who do not own Bitcoins are also familiar with this legendary transaction. On 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanecz spent 10000.99 BTC to buy two large Papa John’s pizza. Out of this bitcoin amount of 0.99 BTC was spent on miners. From that day onward, May 22 is observed as ”Bitcoin Pizza Day”.

Value Overflow IncidentOn 15 August 2010, an obscure programmer created 184.467 billion Bitcoin out of nowhere in what has turned out to be known as the Value Overflow Incident. Satoshi Nakamoto rapidly hard-forked the blockchain to expel the 184.467 billion Bitcoins, which is the main thing that spared Bitcoin from biting the dust an early demise that day.

Assassination by using BitcoinAn individual in the past has blackmailed the dark network market. As a result, on 31 March 2013, 1607 bitcoins were transaferred to user “red and white” to assassinate that particular individual. The assassination thankfully did not succeed, but the $ 150,000 got green signal from both sides succeeded. The deal received 3,22,639 confirmations and did not roll back.

Bitstamp Hacking
Bitstamp experienced a noteworthy hack in 2015. Around 19000 bitcoins were stolen. Obviously, the reputation was at stake and the business nearly stopped. Be that as it may, they stayed nearby and developed it back. They recognize how huge of an error that was and said they did what they could to recoup from that and reinforce their security setup.

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