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Memento - Digital Art Exhibition With Over 50 Anonymous Contributors

Press Release: January 19, 2021

20th January 2021 | Media Release 

Memento - Digital Art Exhibition To Go Live With Over 50 Anonymous Contributors 

A compelling digital exhibition themed 'Memento', by emerging artist and curator, Previta Karthigesu, is scheduled to go live at 8 pm on December 27, 2020. This unique exhibition is dedicated to showcasing this year’s stories from heartbreaks to losses, while acting as a platform for people to let go of their emotional burdens before bidding goodbye to the year 2020.

Previta Karthigesu has practised both contemporary and fine art for several years, both locally and abroad. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from Bath School of Art and Design, in the year 2017. She has worked in marketing and creative design companies while exploring her creative practice since. Her works consist of thought-provoking abstract drawings, sculptures, and installation work that questions the essence of human mortality. Her focus lies on the continuous exploration of the ever-changing human experiences.

This inaugural will take readers on a journey throughout the volatile 2020, through both bitter and heart-warming stories, that are embodied in the objects that are contributed by people around Malaysia. The online exhibition opens up a conversation on letting go and moving forward through a unique ensemble.

How to participate
Donate a physical item that resonates with your year, and write a description to accompany the sent item. It can be a range of things i.e. written resolutions, photos, trinkets or cancelled flight tickets. There is no limit to the size and weight of the item. Please do not send valuable items, as donated items will not be returned. 
All items will be photographed and will remain a permanent collection of the artist.
To ensure the anonymity of contributors, only their age, and the story will be published, along with the photograph of the item. 

Deadline for contribution: December 22, 2020

Launching of the digital exhibition: December 27, 2020

For more information regarding the online exhibition, contact hello@ourmemento.com or visit  www.ourmemento.com 

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Harivendran Nathan

Tel: +60149033310

Email: hello@ourmemento.com

Visit the newsroom of: Memento