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MemberMatch – Sparking the Life into Golf

Press Release: March 05, 2019

MemberMatch – Sparking the Life into Golf

Golf can seem a very individual sport at times, especially in the heat of battle during an important tournament. Players are focused on what they need to do in order to win and nothing else. However, for the majority of us, playing golf is about learning, having fun and becoming better players.
Aside from practicing at the range and celebrating a great birdie or a rare hole-in-one, where does the fun and improvement come from in golf? The answer lies in the social aspect of the sport.
Many golf clubs, including perhaps your own will have a leaderboard of some description and perhaps you can challenge other golfers on the ladder. Your golf club may also organise tournaments throughout the year but how much do you actually know about the people you are playing against?
MemberMatch, which is a British-designed player engagement app, will connect you with other like-minded members at your golf club. It does not matter if you are part of a private golf club or public course, MemberMatch will help you make the most of your time on the golf course.
Simply create your profile on the MemberMatch app including information such as your level of golf ability and handicap, social interests and other sports or activities you enjoy. You can then search the app for other golfers at your club who share the same interests as you and arrange to meet for a round.
If you are looking to play against or with someone who has a similar ability to yourself, MemberMatch makes it easy. Perhaps you want to challenge someone who is better than you or contact someone and arrange to meet up for some advice on your game over a drink in the clubhouse following a round.
MemberMatch makes this very easy to do thanks to the golfer profiles and easy user interface.
There is nothing better than becoming part of a group of friends who all enjoy playing golf but share other interests off the course. Booking a tee time and playing a round alone or with the same playing partner every week does not produce the same level of enjoyment you could be having by meeting other members.
You may say the occasional ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ with someone in the locker room but with so many different people coming and going at the golf club, how are you going to make new friends and playing partners?
The MemberMatch app removes the awkwardness and allows you to interact with fellow members of your golf club in a relaxed manner. Logon to the app and you may find someone who shares the same interest in horse racing, cinema, cooking or whatever it may be, is looking for a player partner this afternoon. Are you free? MemberMatch allows you to get in touch with someone quickly and easily and before you know it, you are enjoying a tremendous afternoon of golf with great company.
Sounds great doesn’t it? But what if your golf club does not offer MemberMatch? The good news is every golf club is entitled to try a demo of the product so why not get in touch with your golf club manager today?
You will be doing both yourself, the golf club and other members a great service and transforming the social side of golf for the better.
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