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Melty launches a 100% Web Stories version of its articles with Zmooz

Press Release: March 19, 2021

Meltygroup, leading media in entertainment news for young people, is extending its STORIES experience from social networks to the web by launching https://stories.melty.fr, which will enrich the company with more than 1,000 Web Stories every month!

The Web Story format was created by Google Story technology to meet the new preferred vertical use of 18-35 year olds. It’s dedicated to an important expansion on the Web, especially on Google Discover.

Melty will offer its readers a complete Stories experience, which includes all videos, images, Instagram posts and Tweets about articles.

All the images have been automatically verticalized in a full screen (vertical) format through the Zmooz Stories platform (www.zmooz.com), which carries out the production of the Web Stories. 

Melty thus becomes one of the first sites in the world to offer all of its content in a 100% vertical and visual format to its audiences.

For Bruno Massiet du Biest, President of Meltygroup, “The smartphone represents 85% of our audiences, who thus access content vertically from their phones. The Story offers verticality, information sequencing, and the interactivity expected by 18-35 year olds, all at the same time. 

This function has become expected! It was no longer feasible to limit these formats to social networks where our teams were already producing content in the stories format on a daily basis. 

This will also be new channels open to our advertisers in an immersive context, whose performance is known to be optimal on mobile devices.”

Jean-Marc Yildiz, CDO of meltygroup, adds, “We have chosen Zmooz’s technology, which makes it possible to speed up production while maintaining a very high level of quality. The use of all of our assets for the production is a significant plus, as it allows us to directly increase the ROI of our produced content, while creating 100% original stories.”

“We are very happy to have accompanied Melty in the achievement of this project. The development of Web Stories by media publishers will allow each publisher to offer its audiences the experience that is both popular on social networks, and strongly encouraged by Google on the Web. This is a real concern of format evolution for the media, whose audiences have shifted to vertical use on smartphones, while 90% of content is still produced horizontally,” adds Charles Ganem, Founder of ZMOOZ.


Melty’s Web Stories:  https://stories.melty.fr/
●      https://stories.melty.fr/stories/Meghan-Markle-Son-e-mail-envoye-au-clan-royal-concernant-Kate-Middleton-devoile-d8rq
●      https://stories.melty.fr/stories/Star-Wars-LAscension-de-Skywalker-La-scene-de-torture-de-Chewbacca-par-Kylo-Ren-que-vous-ne-verrez-jamais-Glgw
●      https://stories.melty.fr/stories/Johnny-Depp-joue-les-detectives-dans-le-trailer-de-City-of-Lies-le-thriller-sur-Tupac-bnro


About meltygroup:

Meltygroup is one of the leading French infotainment media groups dedicated to millenials and youth culture on the Internet. The company records 400 million pieces of content viewed each month on its various platforms, thanks to a powerful ecosystem with two websites totaling 10 million single visitors per month, Snapchat channels (Discover and Snapshow) totaling over 10 million unique visitors per month, more than 13 million fans on its ten Facebook and Instagram pages and already 100K subscribers on TikTok. 


About ZMOOZ Stories:

Launched in 2020, Zmooz Stories is a Web Stories editor that allows publishers to create original, personalized stories automatically, from their content and media assets. The stories can be distributed on the publishers’ websites, as well as on social networks. Monetization can be done with advertising or via a wall. 

Founded by Charles Ganem and Tony Pellerin, ZMOOZ has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California and its European office in Paris.


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