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Melissa James Unveils Her New Pop Number ‘Like This Like That’

Press Release: July 24, 2015

Melissa James Unveils Her New Pop Number ‘Like This Like That’
Pop Artist Melissa James has launched her new song ‘Like this like that’ on YouTube, iTunes and Google Plus through which she aspires to take the music world by storm

July 15, 2014: Pop artist Melissa James is making every possible move to establish her presence in global musical arena. With the release of her latest single ‘Like This Like That’ Melissa has taken yet another step to demonstrate her musical talent to the world. Moreover, with the launch of the song Melissa takes yet another step to prove that she is multi-talented and she has written as well as composed and produced the song on her own as well.

The popularity of her latest music video can further be manifested from the fact that it has so far obtained more than 11,000 views on YouTube. The beat of the song makes it a perfect number for the pop genre category which will make you groove on your feet. The tone and mood of the song is much similar to her previous song ‘Beautiful Day’ and is definitely an ideal song to be played for people who love to enjoy their life and live each day to their fullest. However, the theme behind her latest single is a little different from others.

In ‘Like This Like That’ the theme of the song is centrally focused upon the pain when the person you love and have intense feelings of affection and love that you have for someone, but unfortunately they take your feelings for granted and behave indifferently towards it. The song talks about the pain and feeling of rejection and insignificance that one has to go through because of this in a very groovy and up to beat manner which actually defines the core essence and pleasure that one experiences when listening to the song.
Since the past couple of songs Melissa has collaborated with Ashley Cadell when it comes to writing the lyrics of a song, however, in ‘Like This Like That’ Melissa has also taken her song writing skills to a whole new level by making sure that she writes the lyrics of the song herself. And as per the feedback that has been received so far, people already love her effort as well as the song. In their comments on YouTube people are appreciating the beat of the song, the lyrics as well as the overall music video presentation of the song. Eleven people have given the song thumbs up which means that it is going strong and will continue to do so.

Also, the video has been showcased on all prominent and reputed video platforms such as YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo and MuZu Tv from where people can very easily view the video of the song and provide their feedback for it as well. Also, the video has also been showcased on platforms like iTunes as well as on social networking sites such as Google Plus and so far the video has received overwhelming response from people from all around the world.

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