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Meet Yash Tiwari, an 19-year-old international youth mentor who wrote the world’s first novel on Corona Pandemic

Press Release: April 07, 2021

Yash Tiwari, 19, has done 5 TED Talks and one Josh Talk so far. He is an international young writer, winner of two books. He wrote his critically acclaimed debut novel “A Celebration in Tribulation” at just 16 years old.

Yash has written a novel titled “PANDEMIC 2020 – Rife Of The Virus” on the recent ongoing corona virus epidemic, which is said to be the world’s first fictional novel written in the corona period.

Who is Yash Tiwari

As a young public speaker and youth mentor, Yash Tiwari is often invited to give talks and sessions at various schools, colleges, literature festivals, events and seminars. He has given provocative sessions around the world, some of which were in areas such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Canada, Ghana, New York City (webinar), etc. Yash has delivered many TED Talks on the world-famous stage of TEDx until the age of 18. He has also done a Josh Talk, which has been seen more than 500k times in a very short time.

He teaches youth (even civil engineers, medical students, academics, professionals, etc.) from all walks of life at MyCaptain, a company incubated by TheClimbers and IIM Bangalore and accredited by the United Nations. He has been awarded “India’s Top 100 Motivational Writer by The Indian Voice” and “Author of the Year” award by NE8x. Has been nominated for the “Best Debut Author” award by ICMDR. Apart from this, Yash has also been awarded the TCC REX Karmaveer Chakra Award and Global Young Leaders Fellowship by iCOGNO in collaboration with the United Nations.

Age is just a number

When asked about writing such a novel at such a young age, Yash says, “I never considered my age to be the standard that I could not write a novel in 16 or 18 years, or I would be in this age of international youth. Can not be a speaker. I have never acted with this thinking. If you want to do something in your life with dedication, desire, hard work, determination, then age does not matter at all. ” Yash stated his thinking about being an International Youth Mentor at this age and said, “When I address people, sometimes many of them are 4 times older than me, in such a way I can give myself and their age I don’t see him being so much older than me. Because I’ve always believed that age is just a number. ”

Yash Tiwari has also been awarded the ‘Youngest fiction novelist’ by ‘India Book of Records’ and the "Asia Book Of Records" for writing a book on Coronavirus Outbreak.

What is Novel’s story

Just as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the lives of everyone around the world, Yove’s novel gives a sarcasm to it. The story takes place globally, through characters facing the severity of an outbreak of the Corona virus, hypnotizing majorly affected areas around the world.
When asked about the story of his second novel, young writer Yash Tiwari told, “PANDEMIC 2020 – Rife Of The Virus” Through government bodies, doctors, media, healthcare workers, border workers and all the warriors of COVID-19, have exposed many other aspects.
The novel was written by Yash Tiwari, “PANDEMIC 2020 – Rise of the Virus” was the world’s first to be written in the Corona era Is a fantasy novel.

Yash has described in Novel how important media and news platforms are in times of global epidemics, how medical workers sacrifice their lives in such horrific conditions, how poor people suffer from such disease, and how The stranded passengers are yet to escape the clutches of the outbreak.

The novel is written in 22 days

International Youth mentor and young writer Yash Tiwari has written the novel “PANDEMIC 2020 – Rife Of The Virus” within a record time of just 22 days. Yash spoke about writing it in such a short time,
“Whenever I sit down to write a story, I do not take care of the goodwill of the world, I forget everything and focus on that story and its characters. I pay attention to the climax of the story towards which I will grow every hundred I have been. “
He adds, “For this, all you have to do is continue your hard work, dedication, determination and just keep writing continuously.”

Yash also wrote his first novel “A Celebration In Tribulation” within a month, when he was 16 years old.

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