Press Release: June 08, 2020

With Mayor Lightfoot asking the city of Chicago to gear up for reopening from the 3rd June, albeit with some precautions obviously, the news could not have come at a better time. While the whole world is slowly opening up despite the threat of COVID-19 still looming over, the message from the Chicago Mayor is quite clear in essence- it’s time to take the coronavirus in stride and get back on the road to progress.

The change has been palpable when it is about consumer preferences and behaviour. A large number have already adapted to completely going the online route for their every imaginable need, and this has presented companies and businesses with an amazing opportunity- cater to customers and provide them impeccable services in their convenience.

For any business, going online needs a formidable online presence, which is only possible with a great website design and development company in Chicago that has years of experience behind it. Haven’t you heard of Consagous already?

Commencing its operations more than a decade ago, Consagous Technologies commands a lot of respect by the sheer ecstasy and satisfaction of its clients throughout the years. To add more to it all, Consagous has a global presence with a unanimously positive record all over India, Australia, the U.S.A., and U.A.E. as well.

Long story short, Consagous can take your online business operations to the next, post COVID-19 level with cutting edge IT solutions to help you recover and scale up quickly as if nothing actually happened.

In fact, web and app development in Chicago is witnessing an upward trend amidst all the lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Food restaurants, appliance purchase and repair services, and even the essential items like sanitizers and face mask selling services are increasingly looking to take the online route.

Food industry is bound to witness an intense competition later down the line, and this is why it becomes imperative to stand apart with a simple, yet superior restaurant booking app which makes customer visits as hassle-free as possible.

Face masks are sure to become an important part of attire for everyone who steps out in the Chicago air, and for a face mask manufacturing company, this is the perfect time to get rolling on an ecommerce platform with just the right website or app, or well, both!

Consagous Technologies comprises a team of seasoned app and website developers, who have a clear understanding about what makes Chicago tick. With that in mind, every solution they come up with redefines quality IT services, and puts them in a league of their own.

The time is certainly right to the online way, but with Consagous, this path is surely going to get a lot easier, which is nothing but the whole truth, served to you on a platter loaded with great features and seamless services!

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