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Meet The Game Changer Of Women in Technology – Gateway WiT!

Press Release: December 09, 2015

December, 2015: Cecilia Harvey, the Founder and Chairperson of Gateway Women in Technology, the non-profit organization, believes that women need to come together to inform, connect and inspire each other in order to advance in technology. In a tech-savvy world that is largely dominated by males, Cecilia envisions the growth of female leaders in tech and advocates initiatives focused on attracting, retaining and supporting Women in Technology.

Gateway is a game-changing platform where women empower themselves by realizing their power by way of dynamic events, meetings, debates and interactive career coaching sessions. Cecilia believes that this platform provides members with a competitive edge that is required for career advancement.

A unique aspect of Gateway is the active participation and engagement of men. Cecilia can’t stress enough, the importance of having male technology people managers and senior management join Gateway as ‘Gateway Allies’ who champion the advancement of women in their respective organisations.

“Men need to be in the room” is one of the 4 game-changing Gateway core principles to help advance women in technology. The other 3 principles are (1) Technology needs to be the Agenda, (2) Each Woman Has Unique Challenges and Aspirations and (3) Aligning Fragmented Communities Delivers Power.

A platform that engages passionate, career-driven women in technology, Gateway organizes fun and informative events by providing valuable insights regarding current tech industry trends and issues. World-class events that bring together industry thought leaders, who provide insights through enlightening discussion panels and recruitment partners highlighting new job opportunities in the tech industry is just one of the few benefits of joining Gateway WiT. There’s plenty more!

With fresh ideas, concepts and new events just around the corner, Gateway is opening doors to new members and Gateway Allies. By obtaining a membership, not only do you get invited to all Gateway WiT events, but members also get free, unlimited access to Gateway’s webcasts and early access to tech industry career opportunities! Take one step further towards building an exciting and meaningful career in the tech industry and support Gateway WiT’s initiative to advance women in technology, by signing up for a free membership right here -

Upcoming Events: http://www.gatewaywomenintech.com/event/917/

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