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Meet the company that’s going to revolutionize the financial Industry!

Press Release: July 15, 2020

Konzortia Capital is a FinTech consortium believed to be in its way towards becoming something as revolutionary for the financial industry as companies like Apple and Microsoft were in the field of communications. The consortium is made up of three companies Novabank, InveStart and Capitalista, each of which offers unique and integrated financial services. 

Novabank will allow people to make fast and secure global transferences with the same ease as if they were sending text messages. 

InveStart will create a platform for small business owners to create digital capital-raising campaigns, regardless of the location, jurisdiction or size of their businesses.  

Capitalista will become a truly global alternative to the stock markets, by allowing companies that already had successful capital-raising campaigns to issue their own equities as a new type of liquid stock-like asset to be traded without jurisdictional restrictions. 

How is this revolutionary? 

Although many platforms already offer services such as remittance, banking, funding and trading, Konzortia Capital will integrate them all in a single distributed ledger platform with a streamlined interface. It will employ a New Asset Class called Koura which works as its transactional currency as well as the consortium’s equity. Companies in Capitalista will be able to issue their own assets with similar properties to Koura, which will result in a new global index for trading called NAO (New Asset Offering), as an alternative to the stock markets. The idea is that the financial market will become as familiar and accessible for the average person as something like using social media, and the barriers for capital mobility in the world will become almost none existent. 

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