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Maxoptra enabled Serviceline with new opportunities

Press Release: September 26, 2015

The project of Serviceline and Maxoptra to transform the Serviceline planning and scheduling operation was rather successful.
Serviceline wanted to streamline its field service operations and get better visibility of the resources and technicians, time.

“Maxoptra is the embodiment of that concept. It is the first and only dynamic scheduling and planning system that we have found that does that, where there is the programming functionality to take away 90% of what our staff have had to do manually.”
Steve Elliott, Managing Director

With more than a hundredd engineers possessing over 400 skill sets and new jobs continually coming in, allocating each job to the best qualified service engineer became more and more challenging.
Serviceline found a winning solution with Magenta’s Maxoptra as it could cope with the complexity of their operations with minimal expenses due to Maxoptra web-based nature.

“Our easy to use web-based service platform importantly allows Serviceline to leverage the full potential of their existing TomTom WEBFLEET telematics platform by being able to automatically compare planned v actual activity in real-time – and getting rid of time-consuming manual processes.”
Stuart Brunger, Business Development Director for Maxoptra

Maxoptra is fully integrated with the TomTom WEBFLEET platform, which enables map based real time display of vehicle location, job status, work progress, etc.

About Serviceline
Serviceline as a company is dedicated to the repair and maintenance of commercial catering and refrigeration equipment. We specialize in looking after equipment from all makes and manufacturers, from preparation, cooking and refrigerated storage, to servery counters and dishwashing systems. We directly employ a team of around 120 fully trained engineers located around the country to facilitate our offering of national UK support. The regional based engineers are controlled from our office in Stevenage which houses our spare parts and logistics team, contact centre and other office functions. We offer support to various types of establishments from small café style kitchens, national restaurant chains, large event stadiums to large blue chip companies with multi-site operations.

Maxoptra is a dynamic scheduling and route optimization software platform designed to enable fast and efficient decision-making, in real-time, within ever-changing operational environments, particularly service management, supply chain, distribution and home delivery.
Easy to use, affordable and highly customizable, Maxoptra helps companies to do more business with the same resources at a lower operational cost and having an open API is an ideal complement to any telematics, WMS and CRM solution. As a subscription-based SaaS solution, Maxoptra is accessible 24/7 from any web browser worldwide, meaning every new release of functionality is immediately available to subscribers with no additional charge or upgrade cost.
Our scheduling solutions manage over 10,000 fleet vehicles worldwide every day. Customers include Gist, Avis Car Rental, Snap On, Serviceline, Walkers Transport, Champion Timber and many others.
Maxoptra is a division of Magenta Technology.

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