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Matches Cup – a mobile game to educate and improve environmental awareness

Press Release: May 25, 2020

The mobile game market welcomes Matches Cup, a seemingly simple yet challenging puzzle game full of innovative solutions that is equally entertaining and educational. According to a statement from the producers, 5% of subscription revenue will be donated towards environmental causes, and Matches Cup shall be the first step to creating a new game sub-genre.

The rules of the game are fairly simple: the player's task is to make sure that the matches are stacked in such a way that the resulting equation is correct. It’s a primary school puzzle that most of us would have heard of. The game offers 12 difficulty levels with over 5,5 million combinations which potentially means months of fun. An additional mode makes it possible to compete against others. Over half a million players from all around the world took part in the Matches Cup beta.

Matches Cup’s key differentiator is its contribution towards raising players’ environmental awareness. Futuresalt Entertainment's aim is to support environmental protection by creating a new sub-genre of games for an environmentally conscious audience. The studio will donate 5% of subscription revenue towards environmental causes. Apart from having a role in saving the environment, the players will also have a say in regard to where the donations go.

Matches Cup is a game designed to win the hearts of many types players ranging from hard-core puzzle game fans to math-loving sceptics. We believe that absolutely everyone will enjoy playing it, and the game will also have educational value. Matches Cup’s release is the result of our team’s efforts. We’re very happy to finally share our project with the world – says Lukasz Klejnberg, the CEO of Futuresalt Entertainment and the Matches Cup project's creator.

All you need to enjoy the game is an Android/iOS smartphone or tablet. You get the first 50 equations for free and after that the subscription cost is 3 GBP/month with 5% of revenue going towards environmental causes.

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