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Matadoors Press Release - 08/04/2010

Press Release: April 08, 2010

Protecting homes and property from unwanted intruders has never been more topical, with a high security door being the first line of defence. To find out how effective security doors can be, employees of London-based Matadoors posed as burglars. Their demonstration break-in was then caught on film.

Security doors have a steel frame secured to the doorway with galvanised steel rods and concrete. This ensures that crowbars cannot force a gap between door and doorframe. The lock is the optimum in security. Six bolts and the hinge side bolts remain safely beyond the reach of the burglars.

During the film, the eventual destruction of the steel door handle proves a useless line of attack because the steel construction prevents the burglar from finding a point of weakness and using the handle mechanism as an opportunity to break into steel structure of the door.

Their attempt to drill the Matadoors MUL-T-LOCK cylinder system also fails: the powerful cylinder shield protects the advanced cylinder. The strong steel cylinder is buried deep into the door panel. This ensures that the determined attempt to drill and batter the lock fails. The locking system remains engaged.

Sixty minutes after the break-in began and despite crowbars, angle grinders and sledgehammers, the would-be thieves still havent found a way through the strengthened steel security door.

Such a hard-fought and noisy attack on a typical Matadoors security door would attract the attention of the public and police at the very start of any attempted break-in.

Yoni Levy, Managing Director of Matadoors, said: Recent high profile break-ins are a timely reminder that some criminals have no qualms about entering a property. And once theyve gained access, who knows? However, as weve proved with the video, a high security door can prevent a burglar from ever getting in to your home or business in the first place.

To view the Matadoors high security door video break-in, visit http://www.high-security-doors.co.uk/videos_demo.php

Matadoors is a leading specialist manufacturer of an extensive range of high security doors for residential and commercial use. Product development commenced in 1973. The ultra-sturdy doors are tested by means that include aggressive assault with saws, sledgehammers, steel wedges, bolt cutters, crowbars, gas torches and brick blasters amongst many others!

A security door is also ideal for commercial application, for added protection to high value or sensitive material storage areas. Matadoors management and senior technical staff have over 34 years experience, reflected in the design, manufacture and installation of security doors and windows of highly superior quality.

Yoni Levy, Managing Director
7 Marketplace
Hampstead Garden Suburb
London, NW11 6LB
Email: sales@matadoors.co.uk
Web: http://www.matadoors.co.uk

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