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MasterclipExplains the Importance of Choosing the Right Animal Clipper

Press Release: March 31, 2017

Leicestershire, United Kingdom – 3/6/2017 – Masterclip, based in Leicestershire, offering a wide range of professional animal clippers, today explains the importance of choosing the right animal clippers.
Masterclip is themanufacturer as well as a retailer, who sells directly to consumers, an impressive range of quality clippers for dogs, horses, sheep and cattle.They boast, having a comprehensive range of clippers which are used by professional groomers, competition yards, veterinary practices, farmers and home users.This awards them with an expertiseto give out a word on the importance of using the right animal clipper and implications that may occur due to using a wrong one.
Masterclip, also states that a using a wrong clipper can injure the animal’s skin. It may cut its skin or may damage the evenness of its coat. It also might happen so that using a wrong clipper on animals with rough coat may damage the clipper itself and so using the right one is very essential.
Masterclip is a brand that is passionate about clipping and isknown to possess extensive knowledge about clippers inside out. They are well aware about what a sharp clipper can do to the skin of delicate animal and what kind of blades would be required for different breeds as per their coat.
This also facilitates them to make their products such that they are carefully tested and tried to become the final selection in the line-up of their product range.
Most of the pet owners prefer resorting towards grooming their pets at home and so having the entire knowledge about the whole procedure is mandatory.
Masterclip stresses to the owners to take a practice session or attend tutorials to learn the basics of grooming so that they get their hands on the right grooming equipment for their pets. It is then evident that while getting aware of this information, the owners understand the importance of using the right clippers for trimming their pet’s coat.
About Masterclip:
Masterclip is a professional online retailer offering only the best range of clipping products for dogs, horses, sheep and cattle.
They believe in delivering a first class customer care is an important focus of the company and to guarantee it, they have experienced staff on board to help and support their client base. Their efficiency in providing a good customer service and their award winning products has them on the fat lane to becoming a number one place to buy animal grooming products.
They carry out full service and repairs on any Masterclip clipper, as part of their service and repair programme. Also, to top it off, their turnaround time is normally within 48 hours.
All Masterclip products come with a 2 year warranty, but more importantly they also have access to all spare parts for their products, so that they can always service and repair any of their brand’s extensively damaged clipper, even when its warranty has expired.

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