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Masterclip talks about their wide range of Horse clippers

Press Release: June 07, 2017

06-06-2017 , Leicestershire PRFire - Masterclip, a well known brand in the industry of animal grooming equipments seeks attention to announce the wide range of horse clippers that they have available in their warehouses. They state that approaching Masterclip is the best decision anyone can make if they want to purchase a horse clipper. They have the will to state this because their client base consists of many professional groomers who prefer using only their horse clippers for the purpose of grooming.

This gives the brand, an authority to make this statement. Masterclip further states that they have all the kinds of clippers a horse groomer may need. Their clippers are such that they suffice every need of a horse. Be it a horse with a fine coated thoroughbred, a traditional cob or even a problematic coat such as cushings, their clippers work wonders as they have clippers to suit each and every coat type.

Not just coats, the brand also states that their comprehensive range of clippers also includes everything from pocket sized trimmers to mains powered horse clippers that are suitable for light, medium or heavy duty work. Their clippers are award winning, yet the pricing set for them is such that it can be afforded by almost every horse groomer. The brand is also proud to state that they have their steps heading towards future technology as well.

This is well reflected by their new clippers that have revolutionary brushless motors that offer variable speeds of clipping. “These clippers are ideal to use around the hard to reach and sensitive areas as their speed can be turned down, yet not losing any of the high torque power.” Says Masterclip.

The brand also says that they have the best quality cordless clippers that work on rechargeable batteries; thereby providing convenience to the groomer as they won’t have to fidget around with extra long wires.

Masterclip also confirms that these wireless clipper are meant for heavy duty work and are powered by li-ion batteries that have the potential to charge at a faster pace, thereby leaving you no space to complain by posing as a hurdle in your work. With no trailing power cables and the high performance batteries neatly stored in the base of the handset, this type of cordless horse clipper is ideal for young or nervous horses, says Masterclip.

About Masterclip :

Masterclip is a professional online retailer offering an extensive range of best quality clippers for animals. Professionals across UK also use the clippers supplied by them. The brand takes pride in offering first class customer care to their entire and ever growing customer base. They not just provide clippers but also supply other grooming equipment. The plus point about buying clippers form them is that their product comes with a 2 years warranty. That’s not about it, the company also stocks spare parts of their clippers thereby being an aid to all the ones who need repairs to their old, purchased clippers.

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