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Masterclip talks about the Importance of Using Right Grooming Tools

Press Release: April 27, 2017

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Masterclip arepet-grooming professionals based in Leicestershire.They are offering a wide range of professional animal clippers today as they are explaining the importance of using right grooming tools for pet dog.
Dog grooming is highly essential for health and hygiene of the animal. Masterclip understands the importance of using the right grooming tools and therefore would like to convey the reasons as to why grooming should be done using the right tool. Their experts recommend breed specific clippers, for smooth hair clipping. As we know, clipper blades come in different sizes and there are various blades, all differing in their sizes, being more coat specific.
Why use breed specific clippers? Masterclip advice that, no one has to be mistaken by thinking that every clipper is going to provide same result. By using the blade, which is not compatible to a dog’s breed, there are chances of injuring the dog’s skin. Unevenly chopped coat can also be another result, if a suitable clipper is not used. They say regardless of brands, choose a clipper kitthat is specially designed for a certain dog’s breed (or the breed closest to it).Choose a unit that makes the least amount of noise, while also providescomfortable weight and grip, they say.Masterclip also suggests choosing clippers with the longest battery life, for those who prefer battery-operated clippers.
While bathing the dog, opt for natural ingredient shampoo says Masterclip. Also, theyadvice to use skin friendly shampoos for dogs while bathing them. They strongly are against using shampoos with chemicals, which can irritate the dog’s skin.Also they suggest using the right bathtub when bathing the dog, as it helps avoid the inconvenience for the pet and the individual who is bathing the pet as well.
From the wide variety of stripping knives availableit can be difficult to make the right choice. Masterclip aims to help allchoose the right model for the right job. The brand is a key player in the industry of clippers and so they hold the authority toexplain thatevery knife provided to the users in the market is meant for varied purposes.
Masterclip understands how an extra fine knife is for areas such as head, ears and detail work. A fine stripping knife can be used generally for head, neck and general finishing.Masterclip believes that, for a general body stripping medium knives areperfect and for body stripping on large breeds or extra-coarse coats they suggest the coarse knife.
About Masterclip:
Masterclip is an online retaileroffering only the best range of clipping products for dogs, horses, sheep and cattle.
Delivering a first class customer care is an important focus of the company and to guarantee the fulfilment of it, they have experienced staff on board to help. Their efficiency in providing a good customer service and their award winning products has them on the fat lane to becoming a number one place to buy animal clipping products.

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