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Massachusetts Residents to Sue Governor Baker over Flu Vaccine Mandate

Press Release: September 28, 2020

Massachusetts Residents to Sue Governor Baker over Flu Vaccine Mandate

BOSTON, MA: FLU YOU BAKER, a grassroots movement of more than 11,000 Massachusetts residents led by Mr. Vincent Delaney, will be filing a class-action lawsuit against Governor Baker and the State of Massachusetts, citing the unconstitutionality of the state’s August 19, 2020 influenza vaccination mandate.

The group is partnering with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. The law firms of Thomas O. Mason, Patrick Leduc, and Luke Lirot have been retained to represent the thousands of FLU YOU BAKER plaintiffs.

The mandate requires all children and young adults between 6 months and 30 years old who attend Massachusetts child care programs, pre-schools, K-12, colleges or universities to receive an annual influenza vaccine by December 31, 2020 in order to enter school in January 2021.

Mr. Delaney and FLU YOU BAKER parents oppose the mandate and government overreach, stating that the choice to vaccinate resides with the parents and their family physicians. The state’s decision to deny education on the basis of an annual vaccine requirement violates the rights of citizens granted by the Constitution.

“Massachusetts has one of the highest rates of immunization in the country, with nearly 81% of all residents choosing to receive the annual flu vaccine,” said Mr. Delaney. “There is absolutely no reason for this government overreach.”

Massachusetts is the first such state to require the flu vaccine in order to attend any public or private institution of learning, including remote/off-campus study.

FLU YOU BAKER is organizing a peaceful rally in opposition of the flu vaccine mandate on October 5, 2020 at 1 p.m. in front of the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse, located on Fan Pier on the Boston waterfront. Representatives from Children’s Health Defense will be attending the rally.

More information, including a GoFundMe page to support the class-action lawsuit, can be found at www.fluyoubaker.com.

About Mr. Vincent Delaney

Mr. Delaney is no stranger to standing up to government overreach and protecting constitutional rights. Mr. Delaney filed his own lawsuit against Governor Baker in June 2020 concerning the unconstitutionality of the restrictions imposed by the Baker Administration during the Covid-19 shutdown. A decision on this lawsuit is expected in Federal Court on October 5, 2020.


FLU YOU BAKER is a grassroots movement engaged in collective action, comprised of parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens who oppose Governor Baker’s flu vaccine mandate. The group has no political affiliation and is not anti-vaccine, but rather anti-mandate and pro-medical freedom.

About Children’s Health Defense

Children’s Health Defense is a non-profit advocacy organization devoted to the health of people and our planet. Founded and led by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., its mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards for future generations.


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