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Mass Effect: Andromeda Developer makes Mind-bending, Award Winning Short Film

Press Release: August 19, 2015

Experience Everything Productions Inc. is pleased to announce that Timelike has been Featured on the prestigious ShortoftheWeek.com. Timelike is an experimental, short science-fiction film that provocatively explores the theme of time-travel with mind-bending results. The film was Written and Directed by Richard Boylan, a Developer on Bioware's upcoming and highly-anticipated video game, Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Timelike is a sci-fi fans dream, marrying thought provoking time-travel theory, with engaging cinematic style. Filmed as a found-footage VHS recording from 1993, the high-concept film is presented in a lo-fi package. “Timelike uses the found footage conceit not as a crutch or gimmick, but rather as a sharp tool to build an atmosphere of tension and disorientation”, said ShortoftheWeek.com Editor, Ivan Kander, stating, “Concept is king, and the VHS footage quality only adds to authenticity of the presentation.” io9.com, a popular sci-fi blog owned by Gawker Media also praised Timelike proclaiming, “Short film about woman stuck in a paradox makes found footage fresh again.”
Writer and Director, Richard Boylan, is the creative powerhouse behind Timelike where he put his mark on every facet of the film, from operating the camera and acting behind the lens to
seamlessly cutting the intricate film together in post-production. With the intent to give audiences the most authentic 90's feel, Boylan's methodology meant filming on an actual VHS camera and painstakingly recording the footage over and over on a VHS player. “[The] footage was shot, captured and edited on Adobe Premiere, then the edit was dumped back to VHS and copied from one tape to another as many times as was necessary to get that nice worn out look,” said Boylan in his interview with ShortoftheWeek.com.
Boylan's dynamic style and give-it-your-all attitude as a filmmaker can most likely be attributed to his unique and dichotomic career background. After attending film school, instead of rushing to make his first indie film as many film grads do, Boylan joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a member of the Infantry (PPCLI). It was only after a tour in Afghanistan that Boylan started creating films, blending his natural creativity with the real-life experience of a veteran and the focussed determination of a soldier. It was through these films, in particular his Machinima films that utilize video game graphics, that the video game company Bioware (owned by EA Games), noticed Boylan's talents and hired him as a Creative Designer. At Bioware, he worked on various video games including the extremely successful and critically acclaimed Mass Effect and Dragon Age series'. Boylan is currently working on the highly-anticipated game, Mass Effect: Andromeda.
“Timelike has truly engaged its audience, and theories about the film have been the hot topic on message boards and forums,” says Mel Hoy, EEP Owner and Producer of Timelike, “The reaction from the audience has been a demand to see more and while it's a piece that stands on its own, there are other avenues that we are considering to flesh out the Timelike universe and further develop the project.” Experience Everything Productions is currently working with
Boylan on multiple projects including Suicidium, a short film and television show concept about psychopaths that are paired with suicidal people and Zead, a dramatic serial television show based in a post-apocalyptic world.
About Experience Everything Productions:
Founded in 2006 by Producer, Mel Hoy, Experience Everything Productions Inc. (EEP) is a film and television production company known for their creative, unique and modern concepts. EEP's projects include feature film, Heavy Metal Horror and award winning shorts, Timelike and Suicidium. Projects in development include book-to-film adaptations such as trilogies The Darkborn Legacy and Archangel Academy and book-to-television shows such as the witty LGBT show Between Boyfriends. Also in development are feature films such as western/thriller, Dead West; scripted television dramas, such as Zead; and reality shows, such as Signs of Love. For more information, please visit www.ExperienceEverythingProductions.com.
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