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Mask Jewellery launches crowd-funding campaign

Press Release: August 14, 2015

Ethical fine jeweller launches crowd-funding campaign to create a collection that tells the story of a beautiful form that hides a malevolent intent, visualized using fluorescent diamonds.

‘’Around 30 % of diamonds are fluorescent, its often entirely invisible to the naked eye and is rarely used in jewellery design. We use fluorescent diamonds to hide a sinister message within a piece of jewellery.

The début collection will focus on a beautiful form that hides a malevolent intent, a theme we see in life and in nature. Predators camouflage themselves to sneak up on their prey and innocent and inviting exteriors can hide a vicious nature or menace.’’

London based jewellery designer Edward Fleming hopes the crowd-funding campaign will provide funds to create key pieces and enter into the goldsmiths design awards 2015/2016

‘’ creating a collection that uses diamonds natural properties as key elements in the design means there’s no way around it,we have to use diamonds
. ‘’
Backers are invited to join in the creative process with a ‘trade secrets’ diamond painting tutorial book as well as a tool kit for creating fluorescent diamond jewellery designs as rewards for pledging money to the project.

Pieces from the collection are also on offer, as well as trip to Namibia to visit small scale miners and see the positive effect Fair-trade and ethical sourcing can have.

As a registered goldsmith with fairgold, the company is committed to making Fair-trade and ethical sourcing the industry standard and employ an ethical consultant based in Mozambique who is an expert in the social responsibility.

As well as the hidden evil collection the design technique allows for the creation of unique, personalised jewellery that customers can have made to order.

The brands first partner, F.J Zelley Jewellers in Bishops Stortford, have already created custom initial pendants for customers and have been involved in the creation of the brand ‘’ We’re always looking for new ideas and the hidden message gives jewellery a different dimension, the quality of the products stand out and customers react with excitement’’ – Martin Zelley

Prices for the range will start from £300 for pieces with fluorescent diamonds and white Topaz or Sapphire. The brand are currently taking commissions and making custom creations as well as creating pieces from their portfolio of designs.

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