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Marshwood Arts Awards- The Most Anticipated Exhibitions In The South West.

Press Release: July 17, 2019

Dorset, UK – For more than 10 years, the Marshwood Arts Awards biannual competition has brought together some of the UK’s most talented local artists, makers and art lovers alike and given them a platform to showcase their innovative creations. Artists from a wide range of categories including Painting & Drawing, Photography & Digital Media, Sculpture and Applied Arts compete for the honour of showing their work in November’s high-profile, mixed selling exhibition held in Bridport in Dorset.

With 2019 being the first year the Marshwood Arts Awards is open to international entries, we could see some new faces as well as some spirited competition. The 2019 Marshwood Arts Awards will take place at Bridport Arts Centre from November 9th to December 7th. Of the hundreds of participants, only seventeen artists/makers will be chosen to exhibit their work. That, and the fact that new selectors are chosen for each event, could make this year’s exhibition more exciting than ever!

The 2019 Marshwood Arts Awards includes 4 categories:
• Painting & Drawing
• Photography & Digital Media
• Sculpture
• Applied Arts (to include: Furniture & Works in Wood, Ceramics & Glass, Fashion & Textiles, Jewellery, Metalwork and Decorative Arts).

The judges chosen for this year’s awards include experts in each of the varied categories. For 2019, the selectors for each category include:
• Painting & Drawing – Dave White
• Sculpture – Tania Kovats
• Photography & Digital Media – Brian Griffin
• Applied Arts – Kate Malone & John Makepeace OBE FCSD FRSA =

The Marshwood Arts Awards website, which can be found at http://www.marshwoodawards.com, offers more information about the event, past awards and this year’s judges, as well as important entry information. Registration for the 2019 Marshwood Arts Awards is open now and both artists and makers are invited to submit their work to any of the categories listed. Only three people in each category will be chosen to exhibit their work, with the exception of the Applied Arts category in which eight entrants will be chosen.

The cost of entry is £15 per category and each paid entry is allowed up to six images. The final entry date is September 19th 2019, so enter now for your chance to showcase your finest work in November’s exclusive exhibit.

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