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Press Release: February 25, 2020

Fuji Spray® Launches A New Division – Fuji Spray Auto

With the Introduction of the V8 Series Compressor Spray Guns Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment Ltd., a leading Canadian spray equipment manufacturer, has officially announced the launch of their Fuji Spray Auto™ division, with the introduction of their newest line of compressor spray guns – the V8 Series. Specifically designed for the automotive aftermarket and collision repair industry, the goal of the V8 Series is to engineer a world-class product while disrupting the conventional belief that the perfect finish equates to high-priced equipment.

Advancing the vision of the parent company, Fuji Spray Auto™ has worked tirelessly to find competitive solutions for the modern painter - proven by the enhanced features and overall build quality of the V8 Series. Within the V8 Series are two stellar offerings – the mid-pressure MP-V8 spray gun, and the high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) H-V8 spray gun. These spray guns are designed to spray all professional automotive coatings with an emphasis on base coat and clear coat application. The large selection of tips sizes, ranging from 1.2mm to 2.2mm, provides the professional painter with a one stop solution for achieving a showroom finish.  Designed with convenience in mind, the V8 series boasts an enhanced fan pattern range with incremental size control as well as a 360° swivel air inlet which reduces spray gun drag resulting in a lightweight spray experience.

“After the initial success of our X Series among small to mid-sized shops, it was a natural trajectory to formally introduce ourselves to the automotive aftermarket and collision repair industry. We are confident that we are equipped with the best technology and manpower as we look to use our expanding resources and 30+ years of experience to continue advancing this industry far into the next decade. We are entering this chapter with excitement, with drive, and with open minds to ensure we are always pursuing our goal – ensuring sustainable success and competitive value. We are acutely aware of the industry demand for an agile, solution-based manufacturer and we fully accept the challenge.” says Jim Larin, Sales & Operations Manager at Fuji Spray.

The V8 Series will be complimented by the existing family of Fuji Spray® products – the X Series of compressor spray guns as well as Fuji Spray®’s flagship lineup of HVLP turbine spray systems. Additional information about Fuji Spray Auto™ product offerings can be found at www.fujisprayauto.com and the products will also be on display at SEMA Show 2020.

About Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment Ltd.: Founded in 1986, Fuji Spray® has grown to be a leading manufacturer of HVLP turbine and compressor spray equipment. Fuji Spray® provides superior quality consumer and contractor level products for the woodworking, automotive, sunless, resurfacing, and P+D markets – and always backed by Fuji Spray®’s commitment to unparalleled customer service. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Fuji Spray® proudly serves the global market.


Contact Name: Jim Larin

Telephone: 416.650.1430 ext. 225

Email: jim@fujispray.com

Website: www.fujisprayauto.com

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