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Marketing Funnels - Ultimate Funnels Cracks The Code Helps Online Businesses Grow 10x's Faster

Press Release: March 26, 2020

Sales Funnel experts Lavell Frost and Rajeev Kistoo reveal their formula for building funnels that convert. Every online business selling something needs a sales or marketing funnel. But building a funnel that converts can be very difficult until now. Lavell and Rajeev have decided to reveal their secret formula for building funnels in their newly released report "Ultimate Funnels Blueprint".

Seattle, WA, USA., March 23, 2020 -

Sales Funnel experts Lavell Frost and Rajeev Kistoo of Ultimate Funnels say they have cracked the code on building marketing funnels that convert - every time. A sales or marketing funnel is something that every business has, except some have effective funnels and some have non-effective funnels.

For businesses that want the sales process to be as efficient and effective as possible then they absolutely must get the sales or marketing funnel right.

A sales funnel is simply a system for taking a potential client/customer from the "awareness" stage all the way to the "purchase" stage in the most efficient way possible. 

Building a sales or marketing funnel that is profitable and converts can be a difficult and challenging task for any business owner but Lavell and Rajeev believe with the right system and formula then a business owner can not only learn how to generate high quality leads on a daily basis, but can also 10x's the growth of the business extremely fast.

As the co-founders of UltimateFunnels.com, a full service digital media marketing agency and the "go to" source for many top income earners and influencers online, they have been building funnels that convert since 2007.

Well, for the first time ever these two expert have decided to reveal their secret strategy for building funnels that convert in a brand new report called the "Ultimate Funnel Blueprint."

When asked why they decided to share their most valuable secrets with other's Mr. Frost stated, "In times like these when there is so much fear and uncertainty in the market and businesses really suffering, we feel it's our duty to do what we can to help our fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses.

"The Ultimate Funnel Blueprint is a step-by-step sort of cheat sheet that will take you through the exact system and formula we use with our clients who pay us very well to build these types of funnels for them, but now we are making it available to anyone for free."

Get a copy of the "Ultimate Funnel Blueprint" today.

Access the download here:


Lavell Frost is a serial entrepreneur and lead generation expert who runs several online sites and Rajeev Kistoo is known as one of the top funnel architects in the world, he's even been recognized for building the most profitable funnels in the world by the media buyers association. 



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