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Market of potato chips in Russia: research and forecast 2024.

Press Release: April 24, 2020

ROIF Expert Marketing Agency (roif-expert.com) presents a research report on potato chips market in Russia. 

According to it, potato chips sales increased by $72,5 billion in Russia in five years. In recent years, Russian production of potato chips has been greater than domestic consumption. As a result, a share of exported potato chips production increased. Last year, for example, more than 16% of production was exported. Russian exports are currently estimated at $75 million per year. The largest consumers of Russian potato chips are CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan.

Our business analysis of the market of potato chips gives key information about the state of this market for 2019, as well as a forecast on the development of potato chips from 2020 till 2024.

This report offers a detailed description of the current state of the market of potato chips in Russia, it gives a historical view and the future dynamics of the main indicators of the market of potato chips, such as consumption, sales, production, foreign trade activities, price parameters in the market, financial state of manufacturers. 

This study provides specified data on imports and exports with a focus on certain companies (both importers and exporters), local consumers and consumers abroad with regard to units and price breakdown.

This report is standard, however, it can be amended through additional criteria (such as imports and exports by customers, producers, trademarks, types, kinds, brands, giving a breakdown of the output volumes of Russian manufacturers).

Our rating of the largest producers of potato chips in the Russian market is based on the assessment of the financial parameters of producers of potato chips. MA ROIF Expert annually creates a rating of producers of potato chips on the basis of data from manufacturers of potato chips in Russia. The largest producers are chosen by their performance, or by their output of potato chips in the market. 

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