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Marine Weather App Saves Lives

Press Release: March 12, 2017

Athens, London, New York, 03/12/2017 Marineforecaster is the free global mobile weather application that is available for upload from Apple Store and Google Play. Marine Forecaster is a hand held marine weather forecasting ‘app’ for use by all boat users at sea, among other sailing apps. Marine Weather data is uploaded to Marineforecaster app users every three hours making this the most user friendly and accurate marine weather app available. If you are looking for the best free weather app out there, you got it now!
Boating people at sea can gain accurate and up to date boating forecast for sea weather, not only warning of serious risk to boats and crews, but the Marineforecaster weather application will advise them of the shortest route to safety with accurate bearings, eta, sea state with sea forecast data like swell forecast, wave forecast, wind state, and what is available by way of services that one can access upon arrival, marinas, fuel stations, slips, provisions, and a great deal more.
Marineforecaster uses the most up to the minute technology to keep the boating public, and commercial boat users safe world-wide. Marine Weather data from Marineforecaster saves lives. Stop press! Soon with real time weather from more than 25000 stations around the world with online weather broadcast.
More info you can read at: htpps://marineforecaster.com

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