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Marie Atlas Ltd: Providing Safe And Natural Treatment For Your Chronic Pain

Press Release: May 17, 2019

Marie Atlas Ltd (https://marieatlas.co.uk/) takes pride in using a safe, non-invasive, and natural technique to relieve common issues like headaches, neck pain, frozen shoulders, and more. This professional not only aims to help individuals to improve their health but also create an amazing change to their lives.

Marie Atlas Ltd offers a natural pain treatment that doesn’t involve any strenuous manipulations done to the neck. This particular procedure is guaranteed to be non-medicinal, non-invasive, and non-chiropractic. At the same time, such expert assures that the treatment is safe for almost anyone, from babies, children to the elderly, except pregnant women.

The specific treatment offered by this professional is called the AtlasPROfilax® Technique. Such unique method is utilised to safely realign the atlas with a single application. That said, Marie Atlas Ltd applies a safe, non-chiropractic, and strategic massage to the neck’s short musculature to loosen the tension. This then allows the atlas to get back to its natural position.

This expert utilises a specially designed hand-held patented device to massage the soft tissues and muscles around the Atlas. Patients won’t also experience any cracking, twisting, or popping on their necks, any type of stressful manipulation, or anything that may be traumatic.

The treatment procedure includes a two-part appointment. The first session is for briefing or consultation, medical history of patients, as well as anthropometric measurements and kinesiological tests. Such tests are carried out before and after the AtlasPROfilax® procedure. The second session, which is free, is for a check-up of necessary muscular release massages. This is also meant to clear negative cellular memory, allowing the patient’s body to realign and adjust. This session can be performed either a few weeks or months later.

Marie Atlas Ltd has extensive experience in applying the AtlasPROfilax® realignment Technique. And being one of the very few who passed the highest and latest level of AtlasPROfilax® education, such practitioner ensures to be updated in the field. According to this professional, “I attended the first training given in the UK in May 2007 and successfully qualified as an “Atlas Prof” certified by the Atlas Academy® in Switzerland following the revolutionary method developed by R. C. Schümperli. Few years later as the AtlasPROfilax® Technique evolved, I passed the level II AtlasPROfilax® updating training on 2nd November 2014”.

So for those who are interested in acquiring a safe neck pain treatment, kindly visit Marie Atlas Ltd’s website at https://marieatlas.co.uk/.

About Marie Atlas Ltd

Marie Atlas Ltd uses a completely safe and natural atlas realignment technique to relieve migraines, neck or back pain, and other related issues. The pain treatment offered by this Atlas practitioner is also suitable for babies and elderly people, except pregnant women. For any enquiries, you can call (+44) 01342 303 279 or send an email via info@marieatlas.co.uk. On the other hand, you can just fill out the contact form on the website, https://marieatlas.co.uk/.

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