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Manufacturers Advised About New App for Tracking SVHCs in Consumer Products

Press Release: September 01, 2019

Consumers in the European Union (EU) will soon have direct access to information on Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) in consumer products, as per the requirements of REACH, through an app that is currently being tested.

Under Article 33 of REACH, consumers have a right to know if SVHCs are present in a product at a level above the concentration limit outlined in the regulation. Manufacturers must respond to these requests within 45 days.

To utilize the app, a consumer will simply scan a product’s barcode. This will create a link directly to the manufacturer’s information held within a central database. Manufacturers can already upload relevant content about their products, including SVHCs, directly to this database. This will significantly speed up the process for consumers. If a manufacturer has not uploaded the relevant data, the app will initiate a direct email request. Information should be uploaded here: [www.askreach.eu/app-database]

REACH legislation only requires manufacturers to provide SVHC information when they are present at a level above 0.1 percent. They may, however, decide to supply data on articles that do not contain any SVHCs.

LIFE AskREACH was formed to raise consumer awareness regarding SVHC usage and to enable the improved transfer of information between consumers and manufacturers relating to materials and the environment. This information will allow consumers to make better informed purchasing decisions.

Stakeholders should be aware the app is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be launched in the Fall of 2019.

SGS REACH Services
SVHCs may be introduced into consumer products due to the complexities of both the supply chain and production process. Identifying high risk products or materials, or having a test strategy, is a smart way to ensure compliance and save costs. SGS has considerable experience in helping companies navigate the complexities regarding SVHCs and the REACH legislation. Learn more about SGS’s REACH Services. [www.sgs.com/reach]

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